[FIFA News] Moyers let the Red Devils lose their strength

All the signs are sufficient to prove that the original challenge Moyes coached Manchester United is that the Scots must convince himself that he is the best choice for the Red Devils coach.

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Ferguson hanging off after the Manchester United players, fans and club executives were happy to see the Red Devils into the "post-Jazz era", they desire Moyes the "selected one", can lead the team into a new Historical stage, but also willing to give the Scottish coach with the time and opportunity, and hope that Manchester United will be able to lead him to climb the heights. However, in the White Old Trafford stadium just a week later, Moyes will be in a public interview to express their extreme distrust.

Moyes said: "For any football coach, coaching Manchester United will not be a relaxed, simple work.When you coached a top like Manchester United, when the giants, your chest will naturally give birth to a Every coaching Manchester United coaches, will be questioned and accused of the outside world, but I will coach Manchester United in their own way, in my opinion, I at the right time, accepted a I hope I can prove my level of coaching at Manchester United. "

In the interview, Moyes to show the world their own vulnerable side, and ultimately he was in less than 12 months after they were swept out Manchester United. However, although Moyes only coached Manchester United for 10 months or so, but he still his own self-doubt, timid cowardly subtle transfer to the Red Devils who, in his tuning under the United before the support of the British best ball Team, became a even the European Cup qualification is very difficult to get the mediocrity of the division.

In April 2014, Manchester United in the Goodison Park stadium 0-2 lost to Moyes old club Everton, is the service of the Red Devils field performance, the end result is desperate. 2 days later, Manchester United officially announced the dismissal of Moyes. In the Premier League on Boxing Day, Moyes will return to Old Trafford as head coach for Sunderland, the first time he has been swept out of the Reds. To be sure, to date, Manchester United is still unable to cure Moyes left the team trauma.

In the years since leaving Manchester United, Moyes has always stressed in the chatter, the Red Devils did not like to deal with Van Gaal, as he gave enough time, transfer budget and patience. One thing is no doubt, in Manchester United on the handsome, whether Moyes or Van Gaal, and even now Mourinho, can not be compared with Ferguson's achievements. However, Moyes in Manchester United's defeat is more disappointing, because in his leadership, that support for the Premiership defending champions of the Red Devils lost swept the Premier League's strength and tradition, when Manchester United players confidence has fallen to the bottom.

After taking the helm, Moyes led Manchester United in Thailand and Bangkok United for a pre-season warm-up match, the purpose of the game is very clear and very simple: After a long vacation, the players need some strength is not high Competition to restore physical fitness, competitive state, the result is not important. Finally, Manchester United lost the warm-up match, compared with the results of the game, Moyes's remarks after the game is undoubtedly more Red Devils officers and men surprised, because no one can understand why their head coach in such a does not matter After the warm-up match issued extremely pessimistic remarks.

In the transfer market, Moyes also fully proved that he simply is not suitable for this level of Manchester United as the giants head coach: in the summer, the Red Devils in the transfer market chasing the Tiago, Fabre But in front of the media, Moyes repeatedly stressed that he did not know Tiago, in addition to his introduction of Fabregas in the process of indecision. Finally, in the transfer window closed before the last minute, Manchester United was exceptionally awkward from Moyes's former club Everton, where the introduction of the Belgian midfielder Feleni.

After Moyes, Manchester United's two coach Van Gaal, Mourinho has spent a staggering transfer fee, which has become an excuse for Moyes to absolve himself, the Scot said, secretly, Old Trafford executives did not give him enough support. However, there are close to the Manchester United club informed sources told ESPN said, in fact, during the Moyes coaching, Manchester United executive vice president Woodward in the transfer market is extremely active, he was eager to introduce more than the top star for the Red Devils, however In the transfer issue, Moyes was too cautious, he will covert Everton's timid style of work to bring to Manchester United, so the Red Devils coach, how can undefeated.

In the competitive level, Moyes blurred the concept of tactics, which led directly to Manchester United players are always confused. It is said that Moyes often on the day of the game to temporarily change the team's formation and the lineup, in addition to the media before he always published some negative outlooks to see the low Manchester United speech, which also brought to the team a great negative impacts. While talking about competitors, Moyes down always generous words, he claimed that Manchester City "ambitious", praised Liverpool is "at Old Trafford stadium beat Manchester United's popular", these remarks to the Red Devils player , Diehard depressed endless. Of course, you can therefore think that Moyes is a kind and honest, will not bend the corners of the people, but over time, how could he take a good Manchester United once invincible division?

Over time, many Manchester United players are aware of the confusion within the team, they were very dissatisfied with the situation at the time of the Red Devils; In addition, those famous players are too conservative Moyes philosophy of the coach was depressed. At the same time, Manchester United in the race in the record are very bad, so that Woodward and the club's controlling shareholder Glazer family aware of the seriousness of the problem.

Later, Moyes has made it clear that Manchester United out of that six-year contract, brought him some confusion and illusion, the Scots once thought he could in accordance with their own way to build long-term Red Devils. But Moyes is now clear that if he can not be in a short period of time to bring Manchester United on the right track, then the six-year contract is of no practical significance. April 2014, Manchester United on the road after losing to Everton only came in seventh in the standings, and certainly not to get a season after the Champions League qualifying. Old Trafford executives decisive, they decisively fired there are still more than 5 years in the body of the Moyers contract.

Hindsight does not make any sense, so today no one can prove that if Manchester United in the summer of 2013 directly appointed Mourinho, Guardiola, Carlo Ancelotti, Klopp top European football such as Handsome to serve as the team's new coach, the Red Devils can avoid falling into a few years of "post-Ferguson era" nightmare. But it now appears that the appointment of Moyes for Manchester United, is undoubtedly at a wrong time point to make a wrong decision, because both the curriculum vitae or temperament character, the Scots do not have the qualifications to coach Manchester United.

Even some people believe that Moyes coached the team that 10 months, Manchester United left a wound that can not heal, he let the team's self-confidence, courage lost, and to successor Van Gaal, Murray Neo left a pair of almost no solution of the mess. There is no doubt that the "selected one" is simply "the wrong one," is certain that local time next Monday, Moyes will be with anxious state of mind to return to Old Trafford stadium.

Of course, in the dream theater, Moyers is likely to be Manchester United club and some of the Red Devils diehard welcome, when the stands may not be issued on his boo, because the Scotsman in the final analysis is a gentleman, he Just can not achieve the Manchester United coach standard only. But be sure, whether it is Moyes or Manchester United, are still not out of that period of short-term cooperation left by the shadow.