[FIFA News] Pedro outspoken Premiership harder than La Liga

Chelsea striker Pedro is convinced that the Blues have just won 11 straight victories in the Premiership, more than any previous win in Barcelona.

佩刀:切尔西11连胜太伟大 英超比西甲难太多

In the last 11 Premier League, Chelsea ho winning streak in the play of such a wave of near-perfect record, the current blue in the standings with 6 points advantage to lead the pack. From Boxing Day (December 26), Chelsea in the Premier League in the next three opponents are Bournemouth, Stoke City and Tottenham Hotspur, as long as they can beat the three balls Team, then the Blues will be tied by Arsenal to maintain the 14-game winning streak of the Premier League's longest winning streak.

In the Spanish giants Barcelona during the period, Pedro has won five league championship, the Spanish international striker is convinced that winning the game in the Premier League victory, much more difficult than in the Primera Liga.

In an interview with the British "Daily Telegraph" interview, Pedro said: "In the Premier League, each opponent is very stubborn, win the game here is very difficult to win at this point, the Premiership and the Spanish are different When we play for Barcelona, ​​we can win the majority of the tournament, where winning is almost a common thing, and sometimes I even have the feeling that it is for Barcelona to win , It is too simple.

"Premier League is very different, because the competition here is too intense, and each opponent is very strong, very tenacious.Of course, it is for this reason, we Chelsea 11-game winning streak created by the record, it is more The Premier League 's longest winning streak is a 14 - game winning streak - no, it would be enough for Chelsea to tie that record with three straight wins.

"Of course, even three-game winning streak in the Premier League is also called a great achievement, do not forget, even Bournemouth, is also a very good team, of course, tied 14 The longest winning streak in the Premiership, is the next Chelsea team up and down the primary goal .I still remember with the Barcelona campaign La Liga League feeling, there and the Premiership is a very different two world .In the Spanish, Barcelona always You can win the game, and in the Premier League, you can not do it, because every team here is very good.

In the first season after joining Chelsea, Pedro's performance is very mediocre, in that season, the Blues eventually ranked only in the Premiership standings in the first 10. However, in the new Chelsea coach Conti's tuning, Pedro in this season's performance is very good.

In this regard, Pedro said: "In Barcelona, ​​as long as you do not take the championship, even if you won the runner-up, it is a disaster, so for me, last season is an unprecedented experience.Of course, the Chelsea Club , All the first-team players, the coaching staff, and even everyone, it's a bad day, and there's a lot of problems with Chelsea last year, but this season Fundamental change. "

"Of course I am eager to help Chelsea win the Premier League trophy because it is the most difficult and most competitive league in international football and I firmly believe that if I can help Chelsea win the Premiership championship, my entire career will become more perfect."