[FIFA News] Real Madrid home two goals lead after 2-2 draw Dortmund

The Champions League 6th round group match, Real Madrid home two goals lead after 2-2 draw Dortmund, to the group second qualifying, more special wins the first name. Benzema scored twice in the 34 consecutive games unbeaten, tied the team history record, Dott scored 21 goals in the group stage, the United Arab Emirates, Record Champions League history.

欧冠-神锋2球皇马遭绝杀2-2多特 小组第2出线

Group stage at the end of the war, Real Madrid only win to win the first name, and the last 9 Champions League final match, Real Madrid all win. Real Madrid nearly 21 Champions League group stage home games, the only unbeaten is Dortmund. C Luo partner Benzema, J Luo Carmelo rotation play, Cross Mora back injury into the bench.

Ramos Real Madrid Intercontinental played 100 games, the Champions League 96 games, the European Super Cup and World Club Cup 2 games. The first 18 minutes, Real Madrid fast counterattack continuous kick out of the ball, C Luo Zhise, J Luo restricted the right ribs goalkeeper lob was denied.

The first 28 minutes, low-level pass in the right-wing Cavalla, Benzema after the point of Tuishe, Weidenfeller flapping the ball after refraction of the network barrier, 1-0. Benzema 3 consecutive Champions League break, before the 8 games without scoring. Benzema crown career 49 goals, tied Ibrahimovic and Di Stefano, tied for history 6th.

The first 39 minutes, Modric before the restricted area Wiegel foul to eat a yellow card, Xu Erle free kick shot through the wall, Navas flying saved the bottom line. The opening half-time 3 minutes, Deng Beilei broke into the restricted area of ​​the right-wing low shot, rub the right side of the column missed.

The first 52 minutes, C Luo right-wing biography, Benzema single-pole ball Tuishe Weidenfeller saved, J Luo blank range was also denied, Real Madrid re-organization, J Luo left-wing biography, Benzema Nodded the ball rushed to break, 2-0. Benzema crown career total score of 50 goals, including Real Madrid era 38 ball, Lyon period 12 ball, he is also the history of the first five goals 50 goals + Champions League striker, tied Henry. J Luo this season assists 7 times, the team first.

Barthe elbowed Casemiro, the referee did not play cards. 60 minutes, Wei Geer frontcourt passing through the top of the ball hanging into the restricted area, offside off the success of the Schneier policy of the left side of the restricted area knocked the middle of the road, Obama outflank Tuishe broke, Real Madrid 2-1. Obamayang this season, the tournament scored 19 goals, including the Champions League 4 goals, the Champions League + league goals 19 goals, ranked fifth in the league.

Cologne back for Modro, the first 68 minutes, C Luo cold shot outside the restricted area, Weidenfeller flying single palm to save the bottom line, J Luo corner pass, Benzema shakes the door, opponents Door line before the rescue. 5 minutes later, Lucas - Vazquez biography was shoveled, closed area unguarded Marcelo blank range hit fly. The first 78 minutes, Lucas - Vazquez pick biography, C Luo restricted area after the left rib cage ball Tuishe single ball, hit the right column pop. 1 minute later, J Luo Chuanzhong, Ramos header lob was Weidenfeller saved.

The first 88 minutes, Emre - Moore pass, Obama Meiyan right-wing fast break reached the restricted area after the point of sweeping, Royce small shovel before the break, 2-2. Royce back from injury nearly 2 Champions League into 4 goals, more special this season Champions League group stage into 21 goals, beyond Barcelona (Real data) Real Madrid team maintained 20 ball record, create a new record in the Champions League history.

Stoppage time, Obamay was knocked over the restricted area, the referee did not penalty. The campaign is in 2002 against Athens AEK, Real Madrid first Champions League home lead 2 goals but failed to win. Zidane led Real Madrid cross-season 34 consecutive games unbeaten, chasing the team history of the team to maintain record Huake.

Appearance lineup

Real Madrid (4-2-3-1): Navas; Carvajal, Varané, Ramos, Marcelo; Modric (62 'Cross), Casimiro; Lucas - Vazquez, J Luo, C Luo; Benzema (85 'Morata)

Dortmund (4-3-3): Weidenfeller; Pieschek, Papastathopoulos, Baltra, Schmelzer; Pulicic (61 'Emre-Moore) , Gonzalo - Castro (80 'Rhodes), Weigel; Denbele, Obama Mayen, Xuerle (61' Royce)