[FIFA News] Real Madrid to withdraw from the Spanish group in Europe

As the Baledos stadium roof was blown bad, originally scheduled for Sunday's Real Madrid away and Celta battle, was eventually postponed, when the war is still a question mark. However, according to "Marca" reported that Real Madrid President Florentino is extremely dissatisfied with this, he can not understand the Primera Liga Basso's decision, and even ready to withdraw from La Liga, combined with other clubs, the formation of the new European Super League.

"Marca" pointed out that Real Madrid from top to bottom on the Primera Liga is not satisfied. Because in accordance with the provisions of the Spanish constitution, if the venue because the venue can not be held as scheduled, the La Liga official scheduled to force the game scheduled to kick-off in a neutral venue. But because of Celta's strong opposition, Telas did not do so. Tebas is open to the Real Madrid fans, he not long ago because of the words to ridicule Barcelona and Barcelona complaints, and now he has become a thorn in the Real Madrid.

Real Madrid ready to form the European Super League, will be invited to Barcelona, ​​Manchester United, Bayern, Juventus and Paris and many other wealthy, this is not a fantasy. It is reported that various clubs have already had this motion, only a real difference. Today, Real Madrid and La Liga Union between the bad, may make Lafayette a concrete enabler of this idea.

According to the "Daily Sport newspaper," revealed that Real Madrid hopes to complete this week with Celta's race. If this proposal is approved, Barcelona will become the biggest victims!

This week, Celta and Alavis to play the King's Cup semi-final second round contest. If Real Madrid and Celta play the game, then the battle of Alaves and Celta will be postponed, Alaves is Barcelona this weekend league rivals. This also means that Alavis will wait for Barcelona to wait at Plaza, Barcelona will have to fight this week with the Atletico. La Liga official has not yet given the final answer, but taking into account the ticket sales and television coverage, the King's Cup to Real Madrid to make way unlikely.

Real Madrid hopes to expand as soon as possible integral advantage, not in the season sprint period of the devil race, once again increasing the burden of the game. But because the Baledos stadium ceiling can not be repaired in time, Real Madrid and Celta battle was postponed. For Real Madrid's complaints, Vigo Mayor Fabio Caballero gives the response: "I do not know what Real Madrid thinking, we must first consider the security is now Sunday at 2 pm, due to the impact of wind, the staff Can not repair the stadium ceiling, repair work takes two or three days to complete.