[FIFA News] Serie A: AC Milan 1-0 Pescara

2016-17 season, the eleventh round of the Serie A focus of the war started, the home of the AC Milan 1-0 victory over Pescara, the league points to 22 points. First half, both sides had no contribution, the second half Bonaventura kick scored the only goal accomplishment.

Before the current round of competition, Milan achieved 1 wins and 6 draws and 3 negative results, behind the top of the Juventus 5 points standings fourth points. They round opponent Pescara ranked second, the start of the new season still win. The opening fifth minutes, Capra in front of area Dapian long-range. Thirteenth minutes, gnan outside the box rub shot put anti-aircraft guns. Fifteenth minutes, Bonaventura periphery long-range goalkeeper was confiscated.

Seventeenth minutes, Suso pass, Chewbacca close Dianshe no marked strength, goalkeeper confiscated.

Thirtieth minutes, gnan shot from outside the area once again put the anti-aircraft gun. Thirty-fifth minutes, Milan won the scoring opportunities, de Sileo sideways fire was goalkeeper, according to the Union has been offside when.

Forty-third minutes, Suso right pass, gnan area Qiangdian header in the column!

The first half of the match ended, the two sides temporarily fought evenly 0-0.

Easy side battles, forty-ninth minutes, Bonaventura kick restricted line ball, he sent from a stick to the low ball cheated the goalkeeper, the ball straight into the goal, the score became 1-0!

Fiftieth minutes, Benari Explosive Shot but the referee offside penalty. Fifty-first minutes, the Union on the left back, Chewbacca Qiangdian shot hit the post pop.

Sixty-first minutes, the left button Suso defensive player after foot hit the door was saved by the goalkeeper, Bonaventura volley hit high.

Sixty-second minutes, Mei Yi Musa a high quality long-range donnaruma single palm over the line.

Seventy-eighth minutes, Suso right pass, Pasa Ricci restricted area header high. Seventy-ninth minutes, Bennali shot saved by Donna Roumat, Manai broke the tip but offside.

Eighty-third minutes, cristante periphery was at Lengjian, the ball slightly wide of the goal.

The final end of the game, 1-0 victory over Pescara Milan home court.

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