[FIFA News] Suarez and Barcelona will be contracted to 2021 on June 30

According to the Spanish media Kobe radio news, Barcelona and the team center Suarez has reached an agreement on renewal, Uruguay God Feng will be renewed with Barcelona to 2021 on June 30, the official news on Saturday Of the national derby after the official announcement.

定了!巴萨将续约苏神5年 国家德比后将官宣

Barcelona recently and the team's core players frequently renewed, Nei Maer, Busquets and other players have signed the New Testament. As the Barcelona attack line MSN combination of two people - Suarez and Messi's contract has been no progress. A few days ago, "Marca" also claimed that Messi in July this year, refused to renew the contract with Barcelona, ​​and then the Canadian media, "Daily Sport newspaper," this was a rumor.

For Suarez's renewal of the issue, the Spanish media has been more optimistic. Recently, the Spanish Ke Beibei radio named Silva - Oate Zi correspondent said Suarez has been with Barcelona on the renewal of the agreement reached, Suarez will be contracted with Barcelona to 2021 in June 30 Day, the official message will be announced after the National Derby. On the renewal of the annual salary problem, Kobe TV did not disclose, but according to speculation before the Spanish media, Suarez will get 16 million euros in salary, second only to Massey and Nemal in Barcelona team flat.

Suarez in 2014 to join Barcelona after the state has been very good, spent the initial run-in stage, he and Messi and Nei Maer composed of MSN powerful combination, and Suarez last season with the end of the league Fabulous play into the 40 league goals, won the Spanish striker king title.

The new season, Suarez's offensive firepower is still very violent, the first 13 league La Liga played 12 times, scored 8 goals 3 assists. High light of the competitive state of Barcelona also made up its contract with the determination. According to media reports, Su God and Barcelona after the expiration of the New Testament will reach the age of 35, the age for a striker means the end of his career, Su God is expected to end his career in Barcelona.