[FIFA News] The biannual season also provoked controversy between the Premier League and the African

Premiership into the Christmas season, the African Cup of drums also rumbled, the biennial season of the small but also in the Premier League club and the African Cup between the team stirred controversy. This time playing the leading role is Cameroon and Liverpool, including Matip, including seven international refused to rejoin, angered the African lion's new "lion", Belgian Bros, threatened to sue FIFA for justice: Do not return to the national team, the club's game you do not even think about playing! In accordance with the FIFA regulations, the national team international in the event of international match point d less, will not participate in the event during the club's game.


This rule is rarely mandatory, Boris will not really know, this is the first time with the national team, took office less than a year, the circle of 35 people in the big list but encountered under the command of seven do not give face, Of course, unhappy. If he asked predecessors inquire about, such as the African football scene removed from the French Leroy decades, compatriots Rickens, as well as other European experience of European counterparts to know that this is the African Cup countries from the European recruitment of the norm, but Cameroon rejected the number of people should be more than ever, and not just the Premiership (Matip, and West Brom Nyon), rooting the French international more public, a total of four people refused to glory for the country.


(5), followed by Senegal (4), Ghana draw 3 out of the third, Egypt and Algeria, the transfer of the two (2), the United States and the United Arab Emirates, the United Arab Emirates, The fourth, Mali, Morocco and Tunisia each have a person selected, if this week before the deadline no one to "conscientious objection", the Premiership will be at least three weeks (race from January 14 kicked off, February 5 day Ming Jin) lost 17 African foreign aid. So far, the final week of the 16 strong 2/3 with the list of candidates are not announced. Liverpool had the field after the field will be attrition, Matip not, the defense can remain intact, Mane back to the Senegal national team, striker and lack of a big hole. Kapu explained "Malaysia" "Pony" (Matthi Pimanone eight months) two to one to stay: "Mane is willing to return to the national team because he grew up in Senegal, Matip Has been growing in Germany. "This reason seemingly not convincing, the Brazil World Cup, Matip is Cameroon defense main, it touches on" Malaysia "said the team and the national team coach more contradictory things like that.

Africa Cup schedule and the Premiership conflict is not a day of cold, as early as Abu Gang took over Chelsea, the contradiction will become increasingly acute. May be suffering from years of conscription, in recent years the Premiership giants of the "African Army" was significantly reduced, the last African Cup, the Premiership, although 11 candidates, wealthy members only Tule brothers, but the absolute main force, Ray one person.

Further forward, the African Cup in response to FIFA "global schedule" harmonious call, the schedule from even to odd years, the Premiership of the African military scale is the same, the wealthy representative is still Toure brothers, plus Chelsea's meters Kerr, Arsenal's Gervinho and Liverpool's Assaidi. Côte d'Ivoire, Nigeria and Ghana has never been the objection to the military objection to the incident, Cameroon is a long years of mutiny of the wonderful work, because the pay and bonuses are not up to the previous account, even if returned to the country refused to board the plane to race Ground. Cameroon is not just because there are seven internationals that lost the African Cup, the last six competitions, Cameroon only once into the semi-finals, that is eight or nine years ago. The last four groups can not qualify, times because the international deserters?

Reduction of foreign aid in Africa, the Premier League in recent years, the general choice, one African-born players stand out, and second, in France, the West, the Netherlands and other countries to become a fiddle, but also to choose the nationality of the country of residence rather than On behalf of the motherland, also a lot less loyalty dilemma disputes. This season, Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal were signed Matip, Mane, Baji and Nene, the impact of the sudden increase in the Premier League. Manchester United plan ahead in the winter window to sign Benfica's Swedish defender Lindlef, is prepared for the Pakistani Qin Wang's hand. The question came: the impact of the African Cup on the Premiership how much? Liverpool this season, the less the Mane, Kudiniao has not been injured, the attacking ability is certainly affected, Manchester United because of Jones and Roger formed a tacit understanding, even if the lack of Bayi will not be in the emergency, Arsenal in Arsenal is not the absolute main, the disaster is not rampant. Recalling the past six African Cup, season in fact, limited impact on the wealthy, but the relegation is a disaster.

Ghana into the semi-finals for five consecutive years, Nigeria and Côte d'Ivoire have four, Egypt and Mali have three sessions, of which Egypt is the first decade of this century, even the Sanlian Zhuang, but the main force of the five teams in the Premier League is not high, Ghana only Essien, but in Ghana into the final when he is not the core of Chelsea's midfield, but the final half of the season, Mali in 2008 after the league in the Premiership, 2012 (28th Africa Cup) since the stability of the tournament has become a strong team, after Kanute and Traore were both Tottenham and Liverpool, the national team and The club is not difficult. Only Côte d'Ivoire talented people, the last three years into the final cup three times, its internationals mostly dominated the Premiership, this "ivory" can stretch far, the impact of the Premier League hegemony there is much.

Ten years ago, Drogba, Eboue, Gervinho, Kalu, respectively, Chelsea and Arsenal, Chelsea still defending the Premier League, Arsenal still nothing. The last two years is the turn of Manchester City's Yaya Toure, Manchester United's Bay. Côte d'Ivoire this and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Morocco, Togo the same group, scheduled to reach the semi-finals is bound to return to the Premiership in February, the first until the 25th round (February 11) have the opportunity to play on behalf of the club, At least six Premier League, there are at least two FA Cup. Fortunately, the two do not hold the Manchester Bay and Yaya Toure thigh, the middle and lower reaches of the team is a headache. Leicester City complained the most loudly, its Ghana and Algeria striker of the two, Sunderland, West Ham, Crystal Palace and Bournemouth have African foreign aid to leave, according to the past 12 years of statistics, the relegation team's Africa Cup International Premiership accounted for the overall output of Bacheng, every African Cup, the loss of Africa's foreign aid relegation team Jiucheng relegation, Ranieri afraid yet?