[FIFA News] The following is the latest battle of each country

The Champions League group stage has entered the white-hot state, the following is the latest battle of each country:

Premier League:

Premier League team, Leicester City, the outlet situation is the best, Ranieri's team in the first four to get 10 points, leading Porto 3 points, 5 points ahead of Copenhagen. Blue fox Copenhagen 1 wins and 1 loss each other dominant record, as long as the next two rounds to get 1 point, Ranieri will be able to lead his unit to cut. For Leicester City, as long as no downgrade, the Premiership every year, but the Champions League is "a thousand years back." Therefore, the blue fox will focus on the Champions League stadium or wise, even though their Premier League qualifying is only 11, but they are in the Champions League is triumphantly triumph. Very rare is that in the group before the 4 round, Claudio Ranieri's team did not lose the ball, is also the only 32 strong team without a clean sheet. Although Leicester's group match opponents are not strong, but in the first Champions League this season there is such a performance, Ranieri's team awe-inspiring. Of course, Leicester City, a hidden danger is that the strikers thigh Waldie in the group stage has not yet opened, the event is also 11 games without scoring.

欧冠第4轮总结:5队晋级16强 莱斯特还差1分

In the 3-1 victory over Barcelona, ​​Manchester City got a valuable 3 points, which makes their points to 7 points, leading the door 3 points, leading the Celtics 5 points. The next round of grabs will be cut, if the away draw, ranking also set on the latter (mutual record dominant), as long as Barcelona does not lose to the Celtics, the Premier League leaders also pass. Therefore, for Guardiola's team, in fact, small group qualifying problem. Manchester City 3-1 victory over Barcelona from the performance of a war, the Blue Moon players have found self-confidence, and as Guardiola said after the game, the first time they beat the world's strongest team, which Manchester City confidence Of the upgrade will be difficult to estimate. Manchester City in the group stage performance was not stable, the first round of 4-0 hit Borussia, but the second round 3-3 draw with the Celtics, followed by 0-4 loss to Barcelona, ​​although a revenge, but the melon Shuai also need to make the team's record more stable Caixing. Manchester City scoring in the Champions League points are relatively dispersed, a total of Jingan, Aguero, Debu Lone, Fernandino, Nolito and other 7 people to break, Gando and Aguero are playing Into 2 balls.

Premiership team, the situation is actually the worst of Tottenham Hotspur, Pocetino's team to return to play in the Champions League in general, the first four rounds only achieved 1 win 1 loss 2 level record. In the fourth round, Tottenham 0-1 lost to Leverkusen, the loss of the game is catastrophic, directly to the team lost to the initiative. The current Spurs behind Monaco 4 points behind Bayer Leverkusen 2 points. Only the last two rounds of winning streak, in order to ensure that the team qualify Boqitinuo. In fact, Tottenham in the Premiership's performance is good, there are 2-0 victory over Manchester City's classic battle, but came to the Champions League, Tottenham's biggest problem is not scoring, the first four rounds into just three goals, Not enough to support them to move on.

La Liga:

In the fourth round group match, Real Madrid 3-3 draw with the Warsaw Regiment, this result is disappointing, but also let them missed the opportunity to advance two rounds. Real Madrid 8 points, 2 points behind the more special, leading Portuguese sports 5 points, the next round of guest unbeaten Portugal qualify, the last two rounds to ensure the group's first win streak. For Zinedine Zidane, C Luo does not score a small problem, the biggest problem is the performance of Real Madrid's defense is too bad, the first four rounds of the group stage, Real Madrid lost the ball field, lost a total of 7 goals, even in the face of Warsaw Legion, Real Madrid is two rounds lost four goals, the defensive end of the performance miserable. In the offensive end, BBC's performance is not good, C Luo only 2 balls accounted for, has been two consecutive misfiring, Bell scored 2 goals, Benzema only 1 ball, the three combined into 5 goals, West a number of people (7 balls). Therefore, how to stimulate the BBC in the remaining two rounds of potential is the most important.

欧冠第4轮总结:5队晋级16强 莱斯特还差1分

Another Spanish giants Barcelona situation is very good, the current Barcelona 9 points, leading Manchester City 2 points, 5 points ahead of Borussia, the next two rounds as long as a win or do not lose to Borussia, to ensure the qualifying FIFA 17 Coins. Group 4 before the game, Barcelona is only a guest at Etihad stadium when losing, but strong dialogue, there are win and lose is a normal category. As the 2014-15 season, the Champions League, for Barcelona, ​​the most important thing is the best stage in the knockout stage running out, after all, MSN firepower, as long as no major injuries, Barcelona's competitiveness in the Champions League will not be bad.

Sevilla had a chance to qualify early, as they scored 10 points in the first 4 rounds, but Juventus draw with Lyon, so they are still possible to participate in the "Sevilla Cup" (European Cup). Currently they lead Juve 2 points, 6 points ahead of Lyon, the next two rounds to get 1 point, Sang Pauli's team on the cut. Therefore, in fact, the possibility of Sevilla to participate in the European Cup knockout is actually very small, it is difficult to have "defending" European Cup opportunities.

Serie A:

The first four cruised, Juventus got 8 points, 2 points behind Sevilla, 4 points ahead of Lyon, as long as the Ligue 1 team can not get the last two two-game winning streak Juventus any record promotion. In the fourth round of the group stage, Juventus 1-1 draw with Lyon, Allegri's team missed the qualifying ahead, the next two rounds, Juventus situation is still good. The first four rounds of the situation, the Bianconeri in the Champions League or based on the capital defense, they just lost a ball in four rounds, the second leg against Lyon, if not Chiellini sidelined, perhaps they can zero seal. In fact, one of the topics for Uncle, how to make the team in the knockout stage to maintain health, especially the defense of the veteran.

欧冠第4轮总结:5队晋级16强 莱斯特还差1分

Naples 7 points, Benfica, 1 point ahead of Besiktas, Naples super team to each other record disadvantage, the three teams who are expected to cross the border, Surrey's team to take 4 minutes to ensure clearance. Naples's team did not have a strong team, but Surrey's team did not grasp the opportunity, especially in the first four rounds, but 1-1 draw with Besiktas. In Higuain left the team, Millik became the main team striker, he also scored three Champions League goals for the flood, but Millik's injury to Naples caused a great loss.


Bayer Leverkusen 6 points, 2 points behind Monaco, leading Tottenham 2 points, the pharmaceutical company to get 4 points ironclad qualifying.

Moenchengladbach 4 points behind Barca 5 points behind Manchester City 2 points. Schubert's team can not control their own destiny, even if the two-game winning streak can not ensure that promotion, unless the next round victory over Manchester City 4 goals, to obtain mutual record advantage.

Porto 7 points behind Leicester 3 points, leading Copenhagen 2 points, the next round of victory over the Danish powerhouse.

Benfica 7 points, flat Naples, leading Besiktas 1 minute, the next round of guest Turkey, to win on the cut.