[FIFA News] The Royal Society provides jobs for the homeless

When the 35 year old homeless Reuben and his dog to sleep in Arno stadium ETA outside No. 20 for up to eight months after he got a job with the Royal society.

Reuben will be responsible for the maintenance of the stadium within the next two months, and if he does well, the contract can be postponed.

"I don't believe there is such a kind of people in this world," Reuben said in a television show, "the sun on Monday.".

"When you go through so many setbacks, you begin to lose hope."

Arno's stadium is located in a community named Amara Berry. Once some of the residents here also donated money and clothes to Shandong could help him, however, from now on, they will never see Reuben sleeping in the streets.

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Oct 29, 2016