[FIFA News] This week the most outstanding performance of the 10 football players

In the latest round of international football after the end of the professional league, sports journalists around the world voted out this week, the most outstanding performance of the 10 football players, as follows.

Messi (Barcelona)

ESPN球员排行榜:梅西力压冠军C罗 巴神入选

In the local time last weekend in the Catalan Derby, Barcelona home 4-1 victory over the Spaniards, is serving Massey although only scored a goal, but he is almost single-handedly created the red and blue army Of the great victory of the field. Derby in the same city in the war, Messi made three ball alone, in addition to his dribbling, the breakthrough is almost no one can block. There is no doubt that Messi is definitely the greatest footballer in today's international football.

2. C Ronaldo (Real Madrid)

ESPN球员排行榜:梅西力压冠军C罗 巴神入选

This week's players list, is undoubtedly the most competitive ever. In the primary vote in the votes of C Luo and Massey exactly the same, the final Real Madrid star in the additional voting round lost to his biggest rival. World Cup final Real Madrid 4-2 win over Kashima Antlers in the game, C Luo hat-trick, he is the Galaxy warship won the first hero of the world champion.

3. Mertens (Naples)

ESPN球员排行榜:梅西力压冠军C罗 巴神入选

In the local time on Sunday in a Serie A focus of the war, Naples 5-3 Lectra Turin, Belgium Belgian midfielder Mertens is a one-man four yuan, he by virtue of their own power to help the team won a The key to victory. Since 1977, Bape - Sawerdi, Mertens became the first in a single game played in the Naples play Naples players. In the last two games, the Belgian international has helped his team into seven goals.

4. Danny Ratsa (Mainz)

ESPN球员排行榜:梅西力压冠军C罗 巴神入选

On Saturday in the Bundesliga, Ratsa for Mainz debut, it is only his second start of the season into battle. The final Ratsa hat-trick, he helped Mainz beat Hamburg 3-1. It is noteworthy that Ratsa, 27-year-old midfielder who had never scored in the Bundesliga goal, this time he entered is 3.

5. Ibrahimovic (Manchester United)

ESPN球员排行榜:梅西力压冠军C罗 巴神入选

On Saturday, Manchester United 2-0 win over West Bromwich Albion, Ibrahimovic served twice, the Swedish tower of the Red Devils in the Hawthorn Stadium, all take 3 points of the minister. So far this season, Ibrahimovic has scored 11 goals in the Premier League, the current tower of God in Sweden only 2 ball disadvantage, behind the temporary leader in the top scorer Chelsea striker Diego - Costa.

6. Balotelli (Nice)

ESPN球员排行榜:梅西力压冠军C罗 巴神入选

On Sunday, Nice home 2-1 Lectra Dijon, is serving Balotelli arranged the team's two goals. The French league this season, the first 18 rounds of the Harding Park, Nice reason is still able to lead the scoreboard with 4 points, Baluoteli contributed. After nearly six weeks of scoring drought, Balotelli in the last two games into the three goals.

7. Luciano Pieto (Sevilla)

ESPN球员排行榜:梅西力压冠军C罗 巴神入选

In a La Liga on Saturday, Sevilla 4-1 home victory over Malaga, is serving the first half, Pieto in just 3 minutes with two goals to help the team at one stroke Laid an unshakable lead. Pietro is 23 years old this season, he was on loan to form the transfer from the Atletico Madrid to join Sevilla in 14 league games, the Argentine striker to hand over the six goals, three assists high Answer sheet.

8. Jay-Rodriguez (Southampton)

ESPN球员排行榜:梅西力压冠军C罗 巴神入选

In the previous three months, Rodriguez has not been able to score, but last Sunday the England midfielder has made a great show of power: Southampton away to Bournemouth in the game, Rodriguez Simei twice, he eventually helped the "saints" 3-1 away all 3 points away. In the game, Rodriguez scored the second goal of the individual is very exciting, the ball will no doubt give the England debut on behalf of the midfield players to bring confidence.

9. Higuain (Juventus)

ESPN球员排行榜:梅西力压冠军C罗 巴神入选

In the last round of Serie A in a high-Lat, Juventus had just struggled to 1-0 Lectra Rome. Is serving the first half 14 minutes, Higuain helped Juventus scored the only goal of the game. It is noteworthy that the previous Higuain was plunged into a shortage of goals, he had four games in a row of meritorious service. However, in the last 3 games, the "small pipe" has scored four goals for Juventus.

10. Benzema (Real Madrid)

ESPN球员排行榜:梅西力压冠军C罗 巴神入选

Club World Cup final, Real Madrid just overtime to beat Kashima Antlers 4-2, although the C Lo is the Galaxy won the World Cup Champions League first hero, but Benzema made for the team Contribution, still no one can deny. In the game, Benzema played a very high standard, he was in front of Real Madrid to take a good series of offensive missions, in addition to his one pass for the Galaxy warship is also very critical.

Other winners include Suarez (Barcelona), De Broun (Manchester City), Valbuena (Lyon), Diego Costa (Chelsea) and Giovanni Simone (Genoa)


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