[FIFA News] Turan twice home appearance

Turan twice home appearance, are hat-trick, the campaign is more involved in the manufacture of all 7 ball Barcelona, ​​the Nou Camp became the new darling. 11 goals into the season the Turks, a record of the Spanish career, close to the goal this season, Marr scored twice, two hat-trick, more than two famous Sanchez and Lynnker Barca when the number of caps.

巴萨将星造7球+背靠背戴帽 内少桑切斯全跪了

Life's big ups and downs is difficult to predict, from Turan nearly three times in the Nou Camp appearances can be seen, century battle against Real Madrid, he came off the bench to give the visiting free kick, a direct result of Ramos break time to tie the game, after the game Was criticized by the public criticism, even with his Enrique was criticized. 3 days after the home game of Borussia Champions League group stage, Tulane with Barcelona's first hat-trick, so critics moment speechless.

The last round of Barcelona home Derby victory over Spain, Turan did not play, the king of the field into the starting line of the King's Cup, the Turks play an excellent breakthrough in shooting pass planning to show power. Digny and Paco Alcazel's goal, he instigated the completion of the penultimate pass, Rakitic scored the penalty, is its own creation, Rafinha volley broke, the Turks directly Assists, he also scored 3 goals, including a wave of the world into the final ball. Barcelona campaign all take 7 balls, are directly related to Turan.

Of course, Turan's most frightening achievement, or home back-to-back hat-trick, this season he has scored 11 goals, League 2 ball, Champions League 4 ball, King's Cup 3 goals, the Spanish Super Cup 2 goals, beyond the Atletico era The most outstanding season, 9 goals, a career-high La Liga. Career So far, Turan only goal more than thisseason, is the 2008-09 season effectiveness Galatasaray, 46 war 12 ball to the season 19 war 11 ball efficiency, refresh record seems only a matter of time. In addition, Nei Maer this season, the event only into the 6 ball, has 9 consecutive ball shortage, Tulane output is close to less than twice.

It is worth mentioning that the Turan 3 ball, respectively, with the header, left foot and right foot into, put on a perfect hat-trick, but also in December 2014 against Hesca battle Pedro, the first two years Barcelona staged Perfect hat-trick player. At the same time, Turan or May 1968 Mendoza, the Barcelona 48 years in the King's Cup cap non-local players, the first is not from South America's foreign aid.

Turan before 12 years of occupation career, only one hat trick experience, but nearly 15 days has twice a hat, amazing. Two weeks, the Turkish wing to tie Ronaldinho, Henry, Saviola, Salinas and Gini these past Barcelona star, they played only two hat-trick Barcelona, ​​Turan is beyond Arsenal Thigh Sanchez and former World Cup Golden Boot Reinkeer, the two effect when Barcelona is only a single field into 3 balls.

Dec 22, 2016