Fortnite v9.01 Patch Notes Brings Drum Gun, Compact SMG Vaulted and Tactical Assault Rifle

Epic released the patch notes for the v9.01 Fortnite update on May 15, 2019, which brings new contents including Drum Gun, Compact SMG Vaulted and Tactical Assault Rifle.  

There is no surprise with the appearance of new weapon Tactical Assault Rifle because we have known it from some news. Here is the detail of this item. 

Tactical Assault Rifle

Available in Rare, Epic, and Legendary variants.

Available from Floor Loot, Chests, Supply Drops, and Vending Machines

Fully Automatic

30 Round Magazine

Deals 22/23/24 damage

Headshot Multiplier of 1.75x

This weapon has a tight spread in close quarters but is less effective at long range when compared to other Assault Rifles.


Drum Gun Nerf

The Drum Gun has been incredibly dominant ever since fans voted to bring it back from the vault at the end of Season 8. It has already seen its availability be reduced, but that wasn’t enough, so we’re going full nerf this time around, and it’s a pretty decent one. The nerfed Drum Gun has reduced the base damage from 26/27 to 22/23 to make it more effective for players to use. 

Compact SMG Vaulted

Along with the recent adding of the Drum Gun and the brand new Tactical Assault Rifle, Epic thinks it necessary to vault the Compact SMG in order to reduce the availability of high rate-of-fire weapons. 

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2019-05-16 13:56:57