Grinding Gear Games Introduces Balance Changes in Path of Exile: Legion

The latest league expansion of Path of Exile: Legion is just around the corner, which will arrive on PC on June 7. Before release of this new June expansion, Grinding Gear Games has made some balance changes in Path of Exile, including early-game Melee combat, striking multiple targets, skill rebalancing, new support and skill gems, passive tree changes, accuracy, dagger and staff base types, weapon/jewel damage & general combat changes as well as skill changes. 


According to comments of co-founder of Grinding Gear Games Chris Wilson in an exclusive interview with OnlySP, the new league expansion is actually to be more hostile to early players. Path of Exile's rebalance of early monster combat make it harder and more satisfying, and the damage dealt by boss enemies has been increased to make players have a sense of satisfaction when dodging their attacks.  

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Jun 5, 2019