I have been waiting for a long time to play Fortnite on the go

As an Android user, I have been waiting for a long time to play Fortnite on the go. First of all, with the Nintendo Switch version, I was very excited until I realized that I could not access my PS4 account on my tablet. Then, developer Epic announced that the mobile version of the battle royale shooter is being extended from iOS to Android, which was finally launched last week. In most cases, this is exactly what I expected, except for one major change: on my iPhone X, Fortnite looks like a low poly PlayStation era game. I like it a bit.

Once you've completed the installation process, Fortnite performs very well on mobile devices. My phone is not brand new, but the battle royale game runs quite smoothly. So far, I haven't experienced any major slowdowns, even if I venture into more populated areas, there are many players around, or complex buildings are being built. Just like on iOS, these controls take some time to adapt; the touch screen is not the most accurate way to move or aim, and I still don't figure out how to build it correctly with my fingertips. In some ways, it's like learning to play a brand new game.

But the biggest change for me is vision. I spent countless hours playing Fortnite on the PS4, and its map has become a familiar place. The cool forests of Wailing Woods, the calm Loot Lake, and even the brand new area of the dusty Paradise Palms. I really like this familiarity. But on my mobile phone, these places have become completely different things. The clear lake is now a flat blue circle. The trees are chunky, angular and horned monsters. When I parachute from the chariot, it takes some time to make the buildings, mountains and trees a reality, making the map look strange. Even the skin that I have spent so much now has jagged edges, as if they were models last year.

These are technical issues that can occur when you try to stuff a large game into a small phone. But they are also very cute. Some of my favorite games come from the original PlayStation era, and I can't help feeling a little nostalgic. I miss Cloud's ridiculous spike in Final Fantasy VII, or the strange flat texture on the new Gran Turismo car. Playing Fortnite on my phone made me back to that era, but with a completely modern game. Despite the constant development of Fortnite, the events of world change are slowly telling their own stories, but the behavior of playing will also be repeated. Playing the Android version is a refreshing break, one immersed in nostalgia.

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