Introduced 'Rocket Pass' in the new update, cross-platform side of the Rockets Alliance

Rocket League will introduce cross-platform parties, and big changes to its progression and reward system later this year, developer Psyonix announced Thursday. The former will let you add friends playing on other platforms, allowing you to play online on the same team. The latter is being called 'Rocket Pass', and will introduce a new two-track system that will last for a few months, for unlocking in-game cosmetics.

The two tracks in Rocket Pass will be free and premium, both of which will consist of multiple tiers of content to be won. As players level up, their tier will increase. "The Free track contains new cosmetic items as well as Decryptors and exclusive in-game Titles, while the Premium track will have a flat cost to unlock," Rocket League game director Corey Davis said in the announcement. "You will be able to preview Premium track content before you buy the unlock to access it."


Rocket Pass is still in development, according to Davis, and the Psyonix team will share more details when the launch nears. Before that, Rocket League has more changes in store with the summer update, scheduled between July and August. It'll remove the level cap of 75, turn levels into a fixed-XP achievement, and convert existing players to a new level depending on how much you've played.

There are a number of new things over the next couple of months, including a new arena, in-game music, and start of a new competitive season in May, new premium DLC and a summer-themed event in June, and a big anniversary event in July to celebrate Rocket League's third birthday.

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