Kronovi and Turbopolsa top memories from Rocket League's busy year

There is no doubt that competition rocket league has a great year. In 2016, Psyonix Racing Car Racing saw its first official entry into the world of e-sports. In 2017, it took professional racing to new heights.

Rocket Champions League Series (RLCS) has seen an increase in the number of viewers, as well as a growing pool of prize money, not to mention adding an additional regional and opponent series. In the meantime, ELEAGUE, ESPN's X Games and NBC all took action and several major groups acquired the team. All in all, this year alone, more than $ 1 million in prize money was won at major events.

Turbopolsa (Gale Force Esports)

And the best rocket league players in the world have also been brought to the game, appearing on television, accumulating fans, and gaining honor and cash in the process. We asked the top 10 rocket league professionals to reflect on the year that ended, pointing out the moment of momentous importance to them. This is what they choose.

Pierre "Turbopolsa" Silver won this year at the RLCS World Championship, first as a Northrop Gaming LAN replacement, and later became the premiere of GLS. The only two-time RLCS Champion said the first victory offered him his favorite year of the year and acknowledged the huge cost to his future as a substitute for gambling in the third season.

He said: "It was a long day and felt such rewards resetting the bracket and winning the match against the seventh game," he said, triumphing with him in the north. "It was obviously a huge risk for me to enter the third season, but it was great to win this game because I knew I was one of the best players in the world, and people respect me in the professional arena if I Without winning S3, I will not be where I am now ".

The G2 team was rebuilt around the captain, with RLCS Champion Kronovi second, but the new team was shining brightly in their squad and they had been working very hard. But the situation has changed recently, with the team finishing fourth in the RLCS World Championship in November and winning ELEAGUE this month. For Kronovi, taking ELEAGUE in Atlanta is the real reward for months and months.

"For me, the only perfect moment for 2017 as a whole was the moment we won ELEAGUE and won the trophy together. All our hard work, all the early failures, all the calls that were closed in other contests And missed opportunities, have trained us and trained us to finally win trophies, "he explained. "For us, this is an important moment for me personally to take this trophy of my hometown over my head and take that moment as my bright spot in front of my house."