Madden Rating Projection: Allen Robinson

Everyone does it. Every year you buy the new game, check out the ratings, and get irrationally upset at how low some of the top players are. However, you never go in with a firm number set in mind. With that said, lets set that number. What should Allen Robinson be rated in Madden 19?

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2017 Review

Last season Allen Robinson was essentially completely inactive. However, he finished the year rated 87 overall. To give us a framework of where to work from with Robinson, Demaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, Adam Thielen, Marvin Jones, Pierre Garcon, and Brandin Cooks.

If Robinson is healthy is that a good group of players to compare him to?

2018 Projections

Allen Robinson is projected to catch 73 passes for 1,025 yards and seven touchdowns. However, that seems to be a lower projection based on him being eased back from injury.

Over his last two healthy seasons he put up 76 receptions, over 1,100 yards and ten touchdowns. Based on his number of projected targets, a more realistic 2018 projection could be 80 receptions for 1,200 yards and eight touchdowns.

Based on those statistics, these are the three players had the most comparable season to Allen Robinson in 2017. A.J. Green, Doug Baldwin and Tyreek Hill. Pretty good territory.

Madden Projection: 89

Green was rated a 93. He had a season from hell and would typically be in a tier above Robinson. Baldwin was an 89 and Hill an 86. You can see in the targets that Hill tends to do more with less. However, with that is an overall less impressive receiver when it comes to a well rounded skill set.

Madden seems to agree with the idea that Robinson is a more complete receiver than Hill when healthy. However, it is fair to say that Baldwin should be the best comparable to Robinson in terms of rating.

He is the perfect meeting point between Green and Hill. he is a star route runner who has excellent hands. Robinson profiles similarly. He is bigger but Baldwin is quicker.

With potential for similar statistics and similar skill sets, Baldwin is a good comparable to Robinson next season. A healthy Robinson should have an improved rating and he and Baldwin can share an 89 overall rating.

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