MapleStory M Introduces New “Cygnus Knights” Class

The new category consists of five main characters from the first MapleStory UN agency fight to safeguard Emperor Cygnus and defeat the Black Mage to bring justice to the Maple world.

The 5 new jobs include:

Dawn Warrior: A double bimanual sword-wielding mortal UN agency attracts power from the sun and moon throughout combat.

Night Walker: A crook that uses claws as his weapon with the power to summon Associate in Nursing illusion of himself that fights enemies aboard him.

Thunder Breaker: A knuckle-equipped pirate with the distinctive ability to link multiple skills in conjunction for quicker use.

Blaze Wizard: A staff-wielding wizard UN agency will use Orbital Flame in conjunction with the directional pad, which may forged his ability within the desired direction.

Wind Archer: A bow-wielding mortal UN agency will attack enemies endlessly by exploitation its trifling wind ability.

MapleStory M also will host two new events from currently till Oct ninth, 2018 to assist new, returning and active players. Maplers UN agency level up any new characters from Cygnus Knights throughout the Cygnus Knights Growth Support Event can receive special rewards, as well as the Cygnus Knights chair and mount. additionally, players UN agency produce a replacement account with any character reaching 55. three through seventy five can level up by three levels throughout the Burning Level Up Event.

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Today’s update conjointly includes the new continent Ereve further because the Maple Tree competition System. supported the quantity of characters created within the Maple Tree World, the new system offers a further rank and impact once players level up their characters.

The Immortal lodge Dungeon, a lodge specific dungeon has conjointly been additional. The new dungeon can permit lodge members to earn points and contend in rankings by defeating the immortal boss Papulatus. attained points are redeemable within the lodge search and lodge Donation.