[NBA News] Barcelona shock Real Madrid ban reduction

Real Madrid official confirmed that the sports arbitration court has reduced the transfer ban to a transfer window, which means that Real Madrid can return to the transfer market next summer. The news came out, Barcelona was shocked.


As we all know, Barcelona has also been punished by FIFA, the same reason is the introduction of young players illegal. At that time, Barcelona appealed many times to prove innocence, but were rejected one by one. The two teams were punished, Atletico gave up the opportunity to appeal, and Real Madrid all the way to the Court of Appeal to the Sports Arbitration, Barcelona was shocked that the appeal of Real Madrid actually had the effect! Galaxy warship transfer ban also reduced to a transfer window.

"World Sports Daily" and "Daily Sport newspaper," said the news that the successful appeal of the news of Real Madrid, Barcelona President Bartomechu very surprised, he hoped that the parties concerned to explain to them why the same violations will have different treatment result. "I do not know what the official statement is, but we will definitely follow up on it," Bartomewu said. "We want to know the whole process. What is the difference between Real Madrid and our situation?"

Bartomewu challenged the sports arbitration court double standard, Western media also said that the result is clearly a favorable decision on Real Madrid, Barcelona will be very angry, they are eager to figure out what is happening in the middle of the end.