[NBA News] Beyond the youngest Kobe Zhanhuang into the history of the youngest 27000 points

In today's Cleveland Cavaliers away game against the Washington Wizards, LeBron - James record, becoming the youngest NBA history, 27000 points.

Historic moment in the first section 4 minutes 19 seconds to come. Carey - Owen in the flank and James intends to pick and roll, but their intention to be Wizards insight into the home team arranged for two people in the next ring, resulting in Owen and James with the can not display Buy NBA 2K17 MT. As a result, Owen ball defensive player, the ball to James. I saw him face the defensive, made a few steps after the sudden, dry pull, the ball into the basket without bias.


This is the James scored the first 9 points. Before the field, James career total of 26,993 points, ranking 10th in NBA history scoring. With this 9 points, James finally step across the 27000 mark, while ranked No. 8 is Elvin - Hayes (27,313 points).

At the same time, the 317-year-old 317-year-old James has become the youngest NBA history, 27000 points, surpassing the previous record of Bryant (32 years 160 days).

Just visit the White House, Zhan Huang will be a mile to stay in Washington.