[NBA News] Bill was chased by the Union for $ 15,000

Wizards in the day before yesterday to win the game to win the magic of the ball, but the game took place in a scene of discord. Bill in a conflict lock-throat magic player Fournier, today the NBA League official announced that Bill because of this action will be an additional fine of $ 15,000.


When the game went to the fourth quarter, 7 minutes and 40 seconds left, Bill's a fast break follow-up dunk by DJ-Augustine destruction, which led to some dispute between the two sides. Wizards last year's rookie Ubulei pushed the magic than Yongbo look, than Yongbo also a bit, then the two players began to push each other. However, Bill's action is clearly washed away, he first pushed the magic of Funiye, followed by straight arms to the Fu Niier to a lock throat, and ultimately in the referee and the coaches persuaded both players on both sides before separate. Bill's covert action did not escape the referee's eye, he and Fournier, than Yongbo and Ubure have received a technical foul.

Today, the Union decided to Bill's malicious wounding action additional penalties, he was also the lock-throat was fined $ 15,000. So far this season, Bill played 12 times, averaging 33.8 minutes to get 20.1 points 2.9 rebounds and 3.3 assists, he and Walter's backcourt combination did not meet people's expectations, the Wizards also 5 wins and 10 losses Ranked 12th in the east.


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