[NBA News] Bulls Lectra gains four straight victories

NBA regular season to continue, the Bulls on the road to beat the Jazz 85-77, made four-game winning streak at the same time, also gave the Jazz two-game losing streak.

Rudy - Gortport to get 16 points, 13 rebounds and three blocks, Rodney - Hood scored 12 points, Dante - Exxon contributed 14 points, Trey - Lyles recorded 11 points, Gordon - Hayward 15 3 vote took 8 points and 12 rebounds.

Bulls scored in double figures, Jimmy - Butler got 20 points and 12 rebounds, Robin - Lopez contributed 10 points and 12 rebounds, Dwyane - Wade took 18 points.

Pre-game situation: Jazz hope to grab rebounds

Bulls on a road victory over the Trail Blazers, made three-game winning streak in the past five games to win four games. Defense is the Bulls win the main reason, winning four games lost points did not exceed 95 points, and this season they lost four games were lost points over a hundred. Jazz in the previous five-game winning streak to win four games, but the last they lost at home to the Grizzlies. But the Jazz defensive skills are still in the past five games, they averaged only 89.8 points lost points. "It's going to be a good game and the Bulls are playing very well," said Jazz defender Hood. "We have to prepare for the game and we have to get a good rebound and not give them a second chance. "

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Game Review: Bulls captured Salt Lake City

Jazz in the protection of rebounds is clearly not very good, the game came up on the Lopez from the vote to complete the tipped Buy NBA 2K17 MT. The first section of 9 minutes and 11 seconds, the Bulls and even grab two offensive rebounds, the final foul caused by Wade and foul two goals, they also took the opportunity to play 8-3 start. However, as the game deepened, jazz defensive skills gradually unfolded, after the Bulls made 14-7 lead, the Jazz answered with a wave of 8-0 to go-ahead score, but also the game into a stalemate. With Gopot's tipped, the Jazz in the first section of the end of the 26-25 lead.

The two teams in the second section to show suffocating defense, this section 9 minutes 49 seconds left, the Canan hit a jumper, the Bulls made 34-29 lead. But the Bulls' next move warfare scored only 3 minutes and 40 seconds left in the quarter, when they scored two free throws. However, the Bulls did not let the Jazz play in the climax, in this section 1 minute 10 seconds left, Hood dunk, the Jazz was 43-38 lead. In the remainder of this section, the Jazz failed to score, butler hit the buzzer three points, led the Bulls in the halftime chase points to 41-43. The first half of the Jazz on the rebound to 27-25 victory over the Bulls, but in the offensive rebounds to 4-11 defeat to the Bulls.

Section III start jazz to blacksmith, 6 consecutive shots, the Bulls took the opportunity to play 8-0 start to score go-ahead to 49-43. After the suspension Houde break layup, and finally break the scoring drought for the Jazz, but the Bulls offensive is not over, in this section 5 minutes 05 seconds left, Butler on the anti-basket succeeded, and they opened the score to 59- 50. Although the Jazz in less than half a minute after even chasing 4 points, but in this section 1 minute 08 seconds left, Mi Luoqiqi hit three points, the Bulls 66-56 or the difference will be opened to double digits. In the remainder of this section, the Bulls failed to score again, after three to 66-58 lead.

Jazz start again in the distal blacksmith, Wade penalty in two balls, the Bulls played 9-0 start, has made 75-58 lead. Jazz will be the main players for early play, the evolutions to see the effect of 1 minute 57 seconds left in the game, Gopot tipped, they will catch the score 77-82. But the key moment the Jazz and then lost rebounds, Butler second attack jumper. After the suspension of the jazz continuous shots, Hood cast three also Gibson cover, 27 seconds left in the game, Butler fined a ball, the Bulls 85-77 to seal the victory.

Both starting lineup -

Jazz: Exmut, Hood, Hayward, Dior, Gopher

Bulls: Grant, Wade, Butler, Gibson, Lopez