[NBA News] Cavaliers Titans Xiangbote frankly confident to beat the Golden State Warriors again

Knights and Warriors in the past two seasons will be the division finals, each win once, and most likely for the third consecutive year in the championship battle to meet. Two enemy relations have been established, Cavaliers Titans Hong Porter to speak frankly, between them and the warriors hate each other, have the confidence to beat the Golden State team again.


Knight is currently 13 wins and 3 losses record in the eastern part of the first 1, in this partition, it seems no team can shake their position. In the West, the Durant after the Warriors even more powerful, they completed a wave of 12-game winning streak, easily play 16 wins and 2 losses record, averaging 12.7 points marginally, the two data are disdain for the league.

So, no accident, the Cavaliers will re-blaze the East, and the West is also very difficult to have the team to stop the Warriors. The two teams are expected to meet for the third consecutive year in the finals, for the championship trophy. As early as October, the Warriors headed inside Raymond - Green sent to the Cavaliers revenge declaration.

"We want to get the Western Conference title, although it is a difficult task, but we must focus on to complete." Green said, "If the Knights can enter the finals, I would very much look forward to completely destroy them. "

These words for the Green, Cavaliers Titans Xiangbote bluntly is not surprising, because they do not like each other with the Warriors. "We should hate them and they should hate us," Shamborut said. "It's fine, they're going to keep attacking and hating us, that's professional, that's great, and I love that."

And if the Cavaliers and the Warriors can really join the finals this season, Hong Porter has the confidence to beat the opponent again. "I'm glad Green would say that, because we'll try to beat them," Shampot said, "we'll kick their ass.