[NBA News] Cleveland on the road to 105-94 beat the Wizards current total score of 7-1 in the easter

Knight on the road to 105-94 beat the Wizards is currently the total score of 7-1 alone in the eastern part of the first position, LeBron - James had 27 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists, Kerry - Owen 29 points and 6 assists, JR - Smith 17 points, Kevin - Loew 14 points and 16 rebounds.

Wizards (2-6) unable to defend the home. John - Wald had 28 points and three assists, Markie - Morris 20 points and 5 rebounds, Mardin - Gortat grabbed 15 rebounds. Wizards 3-pointers 15-for-3, while the Cavaliers 33-for-14.

Knight arrived in the White House yesterday, visited the United States President Barack Obama. After the White House trip, the Cavaliers did not go home, but continue to stay in Washington, because soon against the Wizards.


Knight lost to the Hawks on the first defeat this season. Wizards in the last victory over the Celtics, Potter suddenly angry angry. The two teams meet, Knight hopes to return to the track of victory, while the Wizards will have to maintain the winning position, to challenge the championship.

Knight is the league's most voted third of the team, while the Wizards on the contrary, one-third of the capacity is very weak, shot the number of the penultimate league. The two sides meet today to maintain this feature, the Cavaliers hit the middle of the first section of three three-pointers, hit 11-4, the score at 21-21. However, after the Cavaliers hit rate dropped nearly 3 minutes failed to score, the Wizards played 9-0 after the 31-22 beyond. Loew and Field in the end of this section before the 2 points, the Cavaliers still three points behind five points.

Section II there are 8 minutes and 35 seconds, Shumpert steals after dunk succeeded, the Cavaliers only 33-38 behind. Knight then continuous shooting, and the Wizards by Morris hit three points, shot 7-0, to 45-33 opened the gap. Owen two consecutive "three-point play" success, Smith hit three points, the Cavaliers quickly counterattack, the first half to 58-56 go-ahead.

Wizards before the two sections only one vote in mind a third, and the third section failed to hit a shot less often. Knight is still three points from time to time, this section there are 8 minutes and 30 seconds, Owen third succeeded, they lead 67-62. Wizards narrowed the gap several times to 4 points, the Knights are frequently free throws to color NBA 2K17 MT. This section there are 1 minute 06 seconds, Smith hit third, Knight opened the gap to 84-72. Knight continuous shooting is not in, Burke even cast a penalty with 3 points, the Wizards to the first three quarters to 75-84 behind.

James in this game two career milestone, the first section he surpassed Kobe Bryant, becoming the youngest 27000 minutes in the history of the President. In the fourth quarter, he surpassed the star Alonzo - Mourning, became the 94th on the rebounding standings.

Wizards chase the score into 87-92, Owen also to a record one-third, James break layup, then caused a foul, Knight turn the gap in turn. The last 6 minutes and 56 seconds, the Wizards only hit two goals, powerless.