[NBA News] Clippers at home to force the Spurs end rival 5 consecutive victories

NBA regular season, the Clippers at home 106-101 to force the Spurs, the end of the opponent 5 consecutive victories, and gave them the season away defeat. Paul in the third quarter due to hamstring injury exit, he contributed 19 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists and 2 steals, career steals to 1860 times, more than Garnett, rose to 16th.

保罗伤退快船终结马刺5连胜 莱昂纳德空砍27+9

The field of Star: Clippers bench cut 58 points to end the game

The Clippers had already lost Griffin, and in the third quarter, Paul and hamstring injury exit. But in this case, the Clippers still won the game, relying on their own bench lineup. Especially in the distal, the Spurs tried to fully counterattack, but the Clippers to the full lineup response, Felton continuous breakthrough, Crawford singles, Spets hit three points, he just blocked the Spurs counterattack. Pointer with 1 minute 20 seconds, three minutes after the small Rivers hit, the Clippers seal the victory. Full game, the Clippers bench 58 points, while the Spurs bench only 31 points.

Game Review: Leonard 27 +9 +5 can not save the Spurs

One up, the Clippers offensive blocked, but the Spurs head start, Leonard hit free throws, the team to 8-2 start. Since then, Paul force, first assists small Jordan dunks, followed by his hit third, Reddick also soared in the long shot. With Reddick hit three-thirds personal third, Johnson counterattack succeeded, the Clippers completed the 18-4 wave of attacks, establish the advantage. After the Paul end, the Spurs seize the opportunity, even had 8 points, tied the score. Before the end of the first section, Crawford singles, CIC and three points with 5 points, the Clippers to 27-22 lead the Spurs.

Second section, two teams Competition rotation, the Clippers do not fall under the wind. Spetz CIC, Felton break, Crawford to singles, Clippers maintain the advantage. The Spurs seem to encounter some problems on the offensive end, they can not play inside, the cast is again and again. Paul CIC and continuous free throws up points, the Clippers have the advantage extended to 14 points. See the team behind, Leonard to come forward, but also a dunk, but also the second attack, half scored 17 points, but the Spurs still 45-57 behind the Clippers.

Ex situ battles, the Spurs to strengthen the attack on the inside, Adelaide assists Green hit one-third, Gasol made fouls and tipped continuous score. Leonard free throws, the Spurs will be narrowed to single digits. In the back of the Spurs, Paul calmly, jumpers and free throws also to color, but also assists in the Bass hit. But three more than 4 minutes left, Paul was injured, he returned to the locker room for inspection. But the Clippers bench player to play well, Bath and small Rivers continuous layup, the team after three quarters to 81-73 continue to lead the Spurs.

Distal, the Spurs came up by Green hit one-third, they seem to take advantage of Paul off the hook counterattack horn. But the Clippers Substitute outstanding state, Crawford CIC, Johnson hit two consecutive three-pointers, gave Leonard a big hat. A 10-4 offensive, the Clippers will be extended to double-digit advantage. Although the Spurs tried to counterattack, but Felton continuous breakthrough, Spets hit three points. Before the whistle 1 minute, small Rivers soared in the third, the Clippers leading 12 points, to seal the victory.

Highlights: Redick finger bleeding

Opening played less than 1 minute, the game on the accident, Reddick's right hand fingers bleeding, blood also stained the basketball. The referee emergency halt the game, so Reddick end Clippers medical treatment, while replacing the game with the ball. But even so, Reddick is still able to maintain a hot feel, just hit the first section of the three recorded three points.

Two teams starting lineup:

Clippers: Paul, Redick, Ba Mote, Pierce and Jordan

Spurs: Parker, Danny - Green, Leonard, Adelaide and Pau Gasol.