[NBA News] Clippers win the Nets to seven straight

Clippers sits at home against the Nets, and ultimately they beat the opponent 127-95, ho take seven straight. Jeremy Lin continued injury due to injury, Brook - Lopez holiday, losing the two core Nets seem vulnerable.

Data statistics

Clippers, Paul got 21 points and four rebounds and nine assists and five steals, Griffin had 20 points, six rebounds, six assists and two steals, Reddick 18 points, 2 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals, grams Lawrence 17 points and 5 assists, Jordan got 7 points and 14 rebounds.

Nets Bogdanovic had 18 points, Kilpatrick got 14 points and five rebounds, Ferrer 13 points and four assists, McCaw Lun 13 points and three rebounds.

The field of stars: Paul sent all-around data

In this game, CP3 once again the performance of all-round performance in his debut 25 minutes 11 of 8 shots, three-pointers 6 to vote 4 to get 21 points, 4 rebounds, 9 assists and 5 steals, offensive and defensive ends are displayed Out of control of their own game.

Race Review: Clippers only one section will determine the victory

The campaign up, Hollis - Jefferson jumper for the Nets opened the scoring, but since then, the Clippers began a brutal performance, the team sent a multi-point flowering super offensive, received a long pass in Griffin layup Success, the Clippers start 26-5 lead NBA 2K17 Coins. The game in the first section is completely reduced to one-sided, the Clippers then fully into the performance mode, which received a small Jordan Griffin assists to complete the back button, playing freehand, with small Rivers projectile succeeded, the first section of the Clippers to 39 -14 lead.

Second section back, the Clippers second lineup still has a hot performance, Felton soared in the third, Spencer gave Bennet a nail plate hat, when Felton in this section left 9 and a half The clock then again in the third, the Clippers will rewrite the score 46-17. Nets offensive and then pick up, Bogdanovic consecutive points to take the lead once the points difference reduced to 19 points. Clippers in this section at the last minute Glenealy 5 points, halftime, the Clippers to 71-47 lead.

The second half easy to side battles, Paul and Reddick with three points, the Clippers will be worse and worse, which Griffin completed the single-arm dunks, Jordan also received a small assists after the completion of Paul dunks, Clippers will be poor points opened to 35 points. The last minute of this section, the two sides formed a confrontation, the end of the third quarter, the Clippers to 99-65 lead.

Distal game has been completely reduced to garbage time, the two sides to do the bench, and ultimately the Clippers 127-95 victory over the Nets, to get seven straight.

Game Highlights: Paul Jordan bumped out of a small embarrassing

In the third quarter, Paul and Jordan in a stop during the ball through the way you want to show cohesion, but the two hit the too hard, funny scene appeared, both sides touching his head, obviously hit the pain Each other.

The field starting:

Clippers: Paul, Griffin, Little Jordan, Redick, Ba Mote

Nets: Booker, Hollins - Jefferson, Bogdanovic, Kilpatrick, Justin - Hamilton