[NBA News] Durant last time the body was violated

NBA officials issued a Warriors against the Knights of the Christmas war, the last 2 minutes of the referee report, the results show that James's dunk after hanging basket time is not being whistled for technical fouls, Jefferson last 3.1 seconds against Durant foul. Knight eventually become the beneficiaries of the referee, 109-108 home win over the Warriors. Cavaliers coach Terrence - Lu said, no one in the last moment to see two free throws determine the outcome of the game, and he did not think it was a foul.

骑士主帅:没人想看罚球定胜负 我没看出犯规

In the Knight back to back against the Pistons before the game, Tyler - Lu accepted the interview, and was asked about the views of the referee report. "There were a lot of fouls that would not have been blown in the course of the game," he said. "Yesterday's game was hard for the referee, and both players used the touch to make a foul." The ball at the last minute was a companion You do not want to see at the end of the game, by 2 free throws determine the outcome of the game, and I do not think it was a foul for me, the last two minutes of the referee report is a coalition, nothing to do with me . "

Durant himself in yesterday's interview, he did not fall. The Cavaliers, the parties, Jefferson said he was innocent: "We always feel that each round of each game has been foul, and this is why I think the referee is difficult to be the reason." I was just turned Durant, seeing that he was out of balance, he tried to stay in balance and stumbled forward and I ran away and I was afraid the referee thought I was putting pressure on him to lose his balance. My feet, though they look alike, I really did not do anything.

Subsequently, Jefferson said: "This is just a shot in the game only, each round of the balance of victory may be to tilt to one side, but in the last attack when the game toward the direction of our development in favor of it. "

In addition, James 1 minute 43 seconds left in the game when the dunk, because the hanging basket should be whistled for too long a technical foul, but the referee did not say anything at the time. That dunk, the Knights finally overtake the score, it is also the first time after they get the first lead. After the game, James admitted that the head of the Green dunk he had an additional celebration, because in the finals last season, the last moment of the seventh game, Green dunk when he knocked him to the ground, so the dunk successful He was very excited.