[NBA News] Four giants 103 points with 30 + Warriors wins the water to take the sun to win four stra

Warriors sits at home against the sun, and ultimately they beat the opponent 133-120, made four straight, while the record against the sun rewrite into nine straight, the last time, the Warriors lost to the sun also dates back to November 10, 2014. 133 points to create a Warriors this season, scoring high, Durant sent 11 consecutive games blocked cover, creating a career record.

The technical statistics, Curry 30 points 6 rebounds and 6 assists, Bleso 20 points, 3 rebounds and 5 assists, Thompson 30 points, 2 rebounds and 1 assists, Warren 20 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists, Durant 29 points and 9 rebounds and 5 assists , Booker 19 points 4 rebounds and 3 assists. The field of Star: Shuajian brothers both sent 30 +

In the game, the water spray brothers become the protagonist, both outbreak, the whole game, Curry got 30 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists, Thompson also got 30 points, the two total hit 10 three-pointers , This is the library for the first time this season, two consecutive get 30 +, is the first time this season, the soup god to get 30 +, splashing scenes re-appear.

Game Review: Warriors distal force win

After the campaign came up, Durant to use the ball without the ball cut into the basket to complete the hands of dunks for the Warriors opened the scoring, Bolethus soared in the third response. Warriors start to take the initiative, Curry soared in the third, the Warriors to 12-7 lead. But the sun then find the offensive feeling to play a wave of 15-2 attack wave, Dudley attack succeeded, the sun against the lead 22-14. Green into the restricted area labeled 2 +1, the library also made fouls made two free throws, the Warriors in the last minute of this section will be close to 2 points, Briso Huanghuang Durant cheated two free throws, The first section of Harding Park, Warriors 28-32 behind.

四巨头103分水花同取30+ 勇士胜太阳取四连胜

Sub-section back, Bleso will help the ball into the sun will be widened to 6 points difference. Warriors sent a wave of 7-0 offensive will go-ahead score of 35-34. You Changba me debut, Knight hit the basket twice the ball labeled as Dudley and Bend have also soared in the third, the sun shot a wave of 12-2 offensive rewrite the score 46-37. Thompson then made the next three, but Curry came forward to score, in his lead, the Warriors in less than 4 minutes to play a wave of 16-4 offensive NBA 2K17 MT, Curry and Durant at the end of this section Have soared in the third, the Warriors leading 5 points. The two teams then formed a confrontation, Booker stepped on three-point line hit buzzer jumper, halftime, the sun to 59-62 behind the Warriors.

The second half easy side battles, the two teams in the offensive end of the continuation of the tug of war, Booker left in this section about 4 minutes layup, the sun to 84-85 behind, Curry and McCaw then followed by soared in the third, Durant gave Buke nail plate cap, the library in the fast-break counter-attack hit hand-third, ignited the warrior scene atmosphere, and Booker section three times encountered nail plate cap, when McCaw re- Three points, the Warriors to 99-87 lead. Bledsoe labeled 2 +1, Warren is also succeeded in the basket, the sun with five points. The end of the third quarter, the Warriors to 99-92 lead.

Distal up, Durant hit a jumper to help the Warriors will be opened to 9 points difference, but the sun then sent a wave of 19-5 offensive, Knight made two free throws, the sun to 111-106 lead. Thompson began to get angry, he first made three fouls in the outside made the whole, followed by soaring in the outside one after another three points to help the Warriors in one fell swoop to reverse the passive, in five minutes, the Warriors played a wave of 25-6 crazy attack, Special into 2 +1, the Warriors leading 14 points, and ultimately they beat the opponent 133-120.

Highlights: Adu to send nail plate cap, Curry catching one-third

In the third quarter at the end of the stage, Durant gave Booker a mind-catching nail plate cap, Curry grabbed the rebound after the fast forward in the perimeter hit unreasonable third, the two jointly staged a " Offensive and defensive two-person ".

Both sides starting:

Warriors: Durant, Curry, Thompson, Green, Pachulia

Sun: Booker, Bledsoe, Warren, Ryan, Chris