[NBA News] Ginobili said the most difficult to prevent the player is Bryant had bought Kobe Bryant a

Spurs star Ginobili recently for the first time in the facebook to interact with the fans, answered a lot of interesting questions. Ginobili said he was the most difficult to prevent the player is Kobe Bryant, also revealed that had bought Kobe Bryant, James and Nash jersey.

Bryant is still playing when his Lakers and Manu Ginobili's Spurs were long-term main rival. In constant grips, the two have a kind of sympathetic feeling. In an interview before Bryant retired, he said that Manu Ginobili is the most difficult to prevent players.

In this fan Q & A, Manu Ginobili was also asked who is the most difficult to prevent the player, his answer is Kobe Bryant. "The hardest defensive player I've ever played is Kobe," said Manu Ginobili, "but most of the time I do not have to worry about that because we have Bowen going against Kobe."

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Ginobili also revealed that he had the impression that bought three players jersey, they are Kobe Bryant, James and Nash. "I like to play against them," said Manu Ginobili, "I respect them both inside and outside."

Ginobili, 39, is one of the league's oldest players, fans will inevitably worry about his recovery problem. In this regard, Manu Ginobili funny that his recovery time is directly related to the length of playing time NBA 2K17 MT. "If I only played 15 minutes in a game, I would soon be able to recover," Ginobili said, "Of course, if the playing time over this number, then I may take some time to ease over. "

In addition, Manu Ginobili also talked about the Spurs and some of the new veterans have left, including the choice of retirement this summer, Tim Duncan. "I like Bertens very much, I like some of the qualities he has, he has a superior shooting feel, and a lot of room for growth." Ginobili said, "I also like and new David - Lee He's good at passing, and he's a very tough player. "

"Of course I miss those guys who are gone, I miss Mahanovic, and I miss Dior and his photography," said Ginobili, "and Duncan will always see the team, but I miss His leadership on the court, and even Bonner, I think of him. "

Nov 24, 2016