[NBA News] Goodbye Duncan legendary curtain call

November 7, 2008, an ordinary regular season, San Antonio Spurs face the Miami Heat, playing a deserted walk board, the scene is a mess.

Gregg Popovich, the Spurs head coach, called a pause, and he looked at the players who walked down the stadium one by one. They sat on the bench, lowered their heads, wiped the sweat, or Unnatural eyes turn to other directions.

Popovich's tone is ironic: "Who are you all?"

"Tim Duncan, 6'11", 21, from Wake Forest University, played 11 seasons in the league, "said Duncan, a man who sat up and raised his head in the standard tone of the announcer.

This is Duncan, in silence, to bring a little agitation, and in the commotion, to silence, runs through, describes our youth, and then he withdraw away - December 19, 2016, this in our field of vision There have been 19 years of superstar, NBA history, the greatest power forward, jersey retired to a specific ceremony with us farewell.

We looked up, it was engraved in our minds in the No. 21 jersey; we bow, it is our passing, silent and unrest of youth.

再见了邓肯 再见了我们沉默而又躁动的青春

We see, in the end is which Duncan?

It is said that he is invincible king. He was in the finals under the quasi-four pairs of H, from the beginning of 1997 into the San Antonio, 13 consecutive seasons cut 20 +10, in a very long period of time, the Spurs over Zhuqiang above, because they have Duncan - - 1999 NBA Finals fifth, the Spurs in Madison Square Garden beat the Knicks, 4 to 1 to get the team's first championship in history. Popovich, in the corridor with the Knicks coach Jeff - Van Gundy embrace, in his ear, said, "I and you the difference is that I have Duncan.

O'Neill gave Duncan a nickname, "Big Fundamental," where journalists called Duncan "the Man of Many Moves," and he was considered a textbook in the NBA, and of course Duncan did not agree. , "Do not look at me 2 meters 11, but I am actually a point guard."

At his peak, he had another not-so-well-known nickname, Cishi Ping said he was a real "villain", "I remember once, Kevin Garnett kept shouting, shoving him, but he He just broke the Kevin Garnett, won more than one championship. Do you understand? This is the real dignity .Everyone will expose their emotions, Yankou others screaming, triumphantly, but Tim ... He is a villain. "

But in the commotion, he was silent.

People added that he was a puzzle piece in the team. He did the pick and roll for his teammates, both sides of the stadium to run back and forth without complaining, doing everything on the defensive end, he left a regret in the 2013 Finals Game 7, missed in close proximity layup, He also has a perfect redemption, the 2014 finals to get the championship, but let the focus, the trophy will be sent to the hands of his teammates, revealing a smile, he was a hero, , Playing a behind-the-scenes hero.

He called himself a nickname, "Call me the glue guys," Duncan said. "I like that.

19 years of his career, Duncan has gone through two distinct lives. Some superstars, enjoy a life before, brilliant, until the moment of departure, still has not changed; some role players, after a period of life, forbear sacrifice, become dessert after dinner. The two players, like the parallel line of life, because of pride and dignity, the superstar refused to become other people's embellishment; because the ability and talent, the role of the player can not play the king's task.

Only Duncan, without any signs, hesitation, in the life of the road suddenly turned to another direction, the same speed forward. Then, he waved goodbye, leaving us with a shadow.

We see Duncan, may not be able to perfect with his memory, but are true.

再见了邓肯 再见了我们沉默而又躁动的青春

We miss, in the end is which Duncan?

He is the god of war, let us inner turmoil. With his data, with his honor, with his championship, ignite the fire in our hearts. Those great data and glory, some of his pursuit, such as five championship rings, "I have done everything to win, are for the championship"; some he did not care about, such as Two regular MVP, three Finals MVP, "the team's every guy is very hard, so they are MVP."

He is the king of comedy, "cheat" over the young, 2007 Finals led the Spurs swept Knight, Duncan embrace was only 22-year-old James, whisper, "the future is yours". And then again in 2013, 2014, reached the finals again, two in the heat with James confrontation, and completed revenge in 2014, got his fifth championship; but he conquered James, heard him Retired message, in the social networking site, James does not hide his worship of Duncan: "This year after year the durability of unparalleled, as a fighter, you can showdown with you is a special treatment in our In the sport, professionalism tends to be overlooked, but I know where to pursue it, and that is you, the greatest power forward ever in the history of Tim Duncan.

He is still a silent star. In addition to the game, he never in the center of the stage, or that he deliberately avoided the protagonist's treatment, he triggered the disturbance of our minds, and then, hiding aside, silent. He is not the protagonist of consciousness, and strive to play a supporting role, patiently listening to Popovich tone or not with the criticism and even curse. Everyone newcomer in the Spurs first lesson, is to watch Popovich denounced Duncan, "If Tim MVP must bear Popovich, they have any qualifications to complain about it."

He also escaped fans, sponsors chase, he said: "I can become approachable, so that everyone likes me; I can open my life, get more sponsorship contracts, but this is what I help What?

We used to think that this silence would soon be forgotten after retirement, as we are eager to get rid of the youth of the commotion, but we found ourselves wrong, he went further, we want to close to him - after retirement Duncan, In the end doing?

Some inadvertently action, some casually out of words, suddenly let us think of the past bit by bit, think of his shadow.

Parker said proudly while Duncan "bad words", "rookie season he never and I speak," while playing with Dwyane - Daymeng an empty after said: "The last time I sent out after the air connection, to The man who jumped so high was Tim Duncan.

Ginobili, who was "bald" by him, still remembered his "hands and feet": "When Tim is back, take the retired jersey and put it on.

We miss the Duncan, like a bottle of red wine collection, the longer the more mellow, but are true.

再见了邓肯 再见了我们沉默而又躁动的青春

We bid farewell to, in the end is which Duncan?

His silence in the interpretation of the commotion, but also in the commotion into silence, like our youth, elusive, had bitter, had pain, in the end, all into a good memory.

December 19, the Spurs No. 21 jersey, slowly rising to the AT & T Center, this particular ceremony, once again let us feel the Duncan's distinctive - jersey retirement ceremony, not a common intermission period, But arranged to the end of the game. His efforts to weaken their influence, the team's interests above all else.

But many people's lives, or because he changed.

He changed the Spurs - Popovich, one of the best head coaches in history, every time around his house around the house, will tell his wife, "Thank you Tim!" RC Buford, Spurs general manager, in front of reporters did not hide their luck and glory: "Yes, these 20 years, we are working for Tim." Leonard, San Antonio's new sign, Duncan's departure this season, a sense of loss, "He is our big brother, he brought us everything, set a benchmark for us, we left a tradition."

He changed the Union - the Spurs and his success is the confidence of each small market team source; every superstar willing to make sacrifices for his teammates, will mention Duncan's name; from O'Neal has been retired, Union's Downs, Enbi, have more than once talked about from Duncan who learned a lot. "His understanding of basketball, his attitude to the game, his loyalty to the city, is what we need to learn."

He changed us - Duncan in his eyes, old-fashioned, who saw from Duncan "tradition, conservatism and persistence." "Sports Illustrated" reporter Chris - Bard had asked his fans on Twitter, "Why do you like Duncan," only from Canada, Cleveland and New York, the three fans gave his answer, "in the Duncan's body, they see their own, "" They think Duncan tradition, conservative and introverted, on time every day to get off work home. " At the crucial moment, he is like a traditional hero after 80, as the mind to stand up and save the world, like the 2014 Finals before the low-key Duncan has always been, through a press release to the Heat players battle call, "This time we will not engage in Smashed ".

Duncan after the eyes of ninety, is trendy. They saw from Duncan "humor, wit and self-deprecating." They kept describing Duncan 's anecdotes, treating him as a natural juggernaut - touching Manu Ginobili, spoofing Parker, and "cheating James. He would wear a strange T-shirt, printed above the "three people, four people math bad," he would be pretending to be serious that some irrelevant words, watching people around the music is still unhurried but still put on a pair Serious face.

In 1999, as a bachelor of psychology Duncan, by the "Sports Magazine" invitation, wrote a "Tim - Duncan's psychological analysis", in the article, he mentioned more than once life is short, "sometimes Often to a serious look to engage in some funny pranks, "and ridicule is the NBA crotch was hit the most players," David - Robinson, more than once in the training hit me ... ... Well, in accordance with You say, groin. "

But in the end, he did everything to win, "basketball for me, not just sports, he is a mental and physical balance of the movement."

再见了邓肯 再见了我们沉默而又躁动的青春

Duncan will be the real Duncan, is the AT & T Center over the 21, is the finger across the years of quicksand, that we will eventually pass away the youth.

Let us bid farewell to the most authentic Duncan, let us and the beautiful youth farewell.

Popovich said: "I hope to retire when he jersey, I will be fine.I hope I will not shed tears."

Goodbye, 21, we do not cry.

Dec 20, 2016