[NBA News] Green's kicking action this season the frequency is encountered Griffin is really run int

Warriors and the Clippers battle is over, but the US media, "USA Today" is to find out the game in a shot, in an attack, Griffin separated Green while the hand directly press the face of the Warriors forward , Angered the latter very dissatisfied with the Green play this season, the frequency of kicking is now encountered Griffin, but he really ran into opponents.

As the NBA against the fierce sex, often in the game a number of similar "Kung Fu" action, in a war against the Warriors, Griffin will use a trick cover the magic, and the strokes turned out to be Warriors Green .

This scene occurred in the second quarter 7 minutes left, when a small Jordan in a layup interference, but Griffin is the sky, pressing Green, one hand fiercely hit the ball into the basket, This time the buckle is extremely domineering, even the Clippers boss Ballmer also got up and applauded.

At that time, careful fans will find, Griffin in the buckle Green also used a little trick, his right hand buckle at the same time, his left hand was pressed in the face of Green, in the process of falling directly pulled Green landing, Leading to strong, "Dream" also fell back a staggering.

In the encounter Griffin black hand attack, Green is also very dissatisfied, the two have some verbal communication, Steve - Cole subsequently requested a suspension.

Green's kicking habits have become the focus of the NBA hot, but now encounter Griffin black hand is also confirmed that sentence, out sooner or later, but also, on the spot game, Griffin the slap in the wake Green, who played 32 minutes, 8 of 10 shots, 3-pointers, 5 to 3 to get the season's highest 22 points, in addition to 5 rebounds 4 assists and 2 steals credited, contributed value of up to +25, sent the season So far the most efficient World War I, became the team to win the hero.