[NBA News] Grizzlies defender Conley $ 153 million should not continue to be underrated

Grizzlies guard Conley has been one of the most underrated star in the league this summer when he and the Grizzlies signed a 5-year $ 153 million contract, attracted a lot of people outside the question. Even more embarrassing is that the entire career, Conley has not been selected All-Star, Mr. billion also said that he should not continue to be underestimated.

A salary of up to 30 million US dollars of players, while the Union underestimated? "I do not think I should be so, I think it is impossible," Conley said. Conley was selected in 2007, and now he is the league's best backcourt players, for a long time, he was underestimated, so today, he has not been selected All-Star. The good news is that Conley won a five-year contract worth $ 153 million this summer.

1.5亿先生竟没进过全明星 直言不该再被低估

Conley into the league that year, Oden is the draft pick, he was in the fourth overall pick by the Grizzlies. Over the past six seasons, Conley has helped the team to reach the playoffs, and there are three seasons, they have won at least 50 games. In the West, Paul, Westbrook, Curry, Lillard and other top point guard, Conley seems to have been suppressed, which is Conley has not been selected so far an important reason for the All-Star.

"It's too frustrating, I know my team thinks I'm an All-Star, I need to make progress every year and I'm going to be better every year," Conley said.

Last season, Conley's pay is only 9.6 million US dollars, but the new season, his salary has soared to 26.5 million US dollars NBA 2K17 Coins. "Now a lot of people are saying that Conley's salary is too high, it is because people do not see him as a level of players, but he can play every night a high standard, even if the big contract is still Stay humble, why you can not support him from such a point of view? In my opinion, he can play and his contract to match the performance.

Last season, Conley was one of the league's most underrated players, but a summer later, he became the mouth of the people that low-paid players. "I am a willing to do anything for the team," Conley said. "Undervalued or overrated, how do you love to say how to go on, I will continue to do for the team should do.