[NBA News] Grizzlies road upset seven-game winning streak Clippers tragic end

111-107, the Grizzlies away upset victory over the Clippers, reported a 12-day home loss to rivals arrows revenge. Grizzlies, Conley outstanding performance, scored 30 points, 5 rebounds and 8 assists, 26 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists Gasol. Clippers, Reddick 29 points and three points, Griffin 25 points and eight rebounds and three assists

The field star: Conley

The face of all-star point guard Paul, Conley played their own worth. Overall 30 points, 5 rebounds and 8 assists, the team upset away win the number one hero. In the first half, Conley played no hair, 6-for-6, 4-for-4, contributed 18 points. The second half he was at the crucial moment of the assists and free throws to help the team locked the victory.

Game: Clippers critical moment failed to complete the reversal

The game began, the Clippers main Griffin this point, repeatedly kill the Grizzlies inside. Grizzlies side is outside Conley, there is a small increase, the two have a good feel. The two sides soon fell into a stalemate war. The second half of this section, Redick hit two free throws, Paul hit one-third, which is Paul's third career 900th ball, the Clippers played a wave of 7-0 climax, but the Grizzlies bench soon Out of response, Randolph strong play score, Old Carter hit three points. The end of the first section, leading the Clippers 28-26 Grizzlies.

Section II, the Grizzlies start onslaught, Carter continuous jumper, Conley is even scored 8 points, the Grizzlies hit a wave of 16-2 climax, and instantly opened the points difference to double digits. Small Jordan and Griffin caused the other foul, the use of free throws close to the score, but the Grizzlies Zhujiang feel quite good. Gasol hit the bottom corner of the third, Conley halftime without losing a ball, the Grizzlies wave 11-2 climax and played the Clippers a bit can not find the North. Half before the end of Paul, only one of three free throws, the Grizzlies 61-46 lead the Clippers.

The second half, Conley's hand is still hot, once again hit a record one-third. With the game, the two sides of the field action is growing, more and more concentrated gunpowder. The beginning of the second quarter 2 minutes and 29 seconds, Ba Mote layup by the opponent's malicious foul, shortly after, Paul steals two consecutive frontcourt, but unfortunately the Clippers did not seize the opportunity to chase points, the game's initiative Still in the hands of Grizzlies away from home NBA 2K17 Coins. Griffin grabbed the backcourt rebounds, one-stop kill to the other side of the restricted area caused a foul, hit two free throws, Crawford hit singles, they will narrow the difference to single digits. 3 kick down, leading the Clippers 83-76 Grizzlies.

The last section, the Clippers up to launch a fierce onslaught, Felton, Rivers and Crawford continuous hit. Clippers of the wave of 6-0 so that the difference between the two sides only 1 minute. Silent for a long time Randolph suddenly broke out, the rate of the Grizzlies hit a wave of 9-2, and the points difference opened. Griffin hit a jumper, Reddick even into the three-pointers, the score go-ahead. Critical moment, Conley's third live in a stable situation, Randolph turned and hit the board, the Grizzlies once again grabbed the lead. After the two sides draw, Paul hit the key two points, Ennis made two free throws, but small Gasol steals Crawford's ball, Grizzlies get the last chance to attack. Ambush in the bottom corner of the small Gasol then Conley pass, one-third hit! The last minute, Redick passing errors, Conley hit two free throws to seal the victory. 111-107, the Grizzlies win away.

Both starting lineup

Grizzlies: Jermaine - Green, Ennis, small Gasol, Parsons, Conley

Clippers: Ba Mote, Griffin, Jordan, Reddick, Paul