[NBA News] Harden cut three pairs of rockets scored in double figures on the Trail Blazers

Rockets home beat the Trail Blazers 126-109, Trail Blazers suffered two straight. Rockets six players in double figures, eight players get at least 9 points, Harden scored 26 points and 12 rebounds and 14 assists, NBA career 12 times this season, the third time to play three pairs, and Wei less tied for the season three double Bit. Li Lade 18 points, Mai Keluomu 26 points.

The field of stars: Almighty King Harden

Harden the game once again show the team's core tactical value, as long as he is in the field, the Rockets will be able to play the offensive, strong offensive firepower to suppress Portland. Harden played three pairs of stairs to surrender three pairs of data, which is his last five games for the third time in three pairs, leading the Rockets in the first three sections of the end of the final victory to defeat the pioneer. This is Harden effectiveness of the rocket during the 12th harvest of three pairs, the history of the Rockets in the history of double-double after Olajuwon, "Big Dream" rocket career 14 triple-doubles.

哈登砍26+12+14 火箭6人得分上双大胜开拓者

Game Review: Harden three three double-rocket force capture pioneer

Nene in this field holiday, Beverly comeback usher in the regular season first show, Rockets introduced players before the game, Beverley won the home fans a warm welcome. Trail Blazers start to 6-0 to lead the main anti-offenders, Harden with a vote to pass the rocket led by 10-0 lead back to the lead position Cheap NBA 2K17 MT. On a shooting blacksmith Harden in the first section of the campaign offensive feeling very good, 3 5 3-pointers 3 free throws 8 8 8 16 points, while 6 rebounds 6 assists and 2 steals, both offensive and defensive ends Played the role of the core team, led the rocket more blooming was opened 15 points gap. Turner shooting points, Trail Blazers 29-41 behind the Rockets 12 points the end of the first section of the game, the Rockets in the first quarter under the H-41 points a season high.

Section II war, Harden presence of the rest, the pioneers of the opportunity to use Harden is not the chase points, shot 13-5 points difference will be reduced to 4 points. Harden re-debut first break layup, followed by assists Anderson dropped into the third, Anderson in the first half 3-pointers 4-for-3. Beverly display iconic aggressive defense, half-time contribution to 3 blocks, the rockets once again opened the points difference. Trail Blazers inLi LadeAnd Mai Keluomu lead to catch up, the Blazers in the second quarter ending stage play offensive small climax, in the first half cruised 62-62 tied the rocket, the Blazers second section Section won the Rockets 12 points. Harden scored 18 points, seven rebounds and nine assists in the first half, and McLehm scored 19 points.

The second half opened the curtain, the Rockets Glenealy 5 points, Trail Blazers defender Crabbe right knee discomfort. Harden drive rocket fire full, Trevor Ariza dropped into the third quarter in mind three-thirds, leading the Rockets to expand. Harden in the third quarter to get 8 points 4 rebounds and 5 assists, the third quarter has not yet finished the game has been harvested three pairs. Rockets Harden led the establishment of 18 points lead, Crabbe re-debut into the third, Harden assists Harel slam dunk, the Rockets 100-83 lead Blazers 17 points into the fourth quarter, Harden in the first three Get 26 points and 11 rebounds and 14 assists. Rockets in the third quarter under the H-38 points, a single win 17 points Blazers.

The fourth quarter started, the rocket took advantage of continued to expand the poor play. Brewer hit a layup, the Rockets lead to 24 points. Trail Blazers have gone, the outcome of the match lost the suspense, the Rockets replaced Harden and other key players, with the bench to clean the battlefield, the Rockets steady victory at home.

Starting lineup

Trail Blazers, Harcourses, Crabbe, Michael Lyme, and Lillard

Rocket: Capella, Anderson, Ariza, Harden, Beverly