[NBA News] Harden in this season ushered in a big outbreak is a very important reason and Kohler - K

Harden in this season ushered in the outbreak, in his personal trainer Owen - Roland seems, a very important reason is that Harden and Kohler - Kardashian broke up, his attention on the court .

训练师揭秘哈登爆发真相 为事业请远离卡戴珊

Roland became Harden's trainer in 2011, when Roland and Harden joined forces to help Harden become the first five shooting guard position. In fact, Harden soon became one of the league's best point guards. Which 2014-15 season, Harden in the regular season MVP selection in second, and into the regular season first team.

But in the 2015-16 season, Harden suffered a career of Waterloo, even the regular season third team did not enter. Roland that Kardashian on Harden's state has played a significant impact. The summer of 2015, Roland witnessed last summer Harden and Kohler Kardashian in love with the process. Harden and Kardashian together, or will insist on some training, Roland deliberately went to Los Angeles to help Harden training.

However, Roland soon found that he had to Harden's training program has been greatly affected, because always be paparazzi eyeing. "We walked back to the car where the paparazzi were waiting for us and how they knew we were there, I do not know," Roland said. Obviously, this Kohler Kardashian revealed their whereabouts of the suspects.

Roland also cited an example of another of his friends and Kardashian sisters in a date, the results in the doldrums. "Another of my friends, he's also an athlete, and he's been dating a Kardashian," said Roland. "The same thing happened: when he dated that Kardashian, he went through a career One of the worst seasons, because his concentration is not in the arena.

The summer of 2015, Harden did not properly trained, so that his 2015-16 season, the start stage of the state is very bad in the first three games, only 12 of 54 shots, 3-pointers, 3-for-32. Rockets and therefore suffered three straight, due to record is not in line with expectations, the rocket fired McHale, then produce more contradictions, Harden and Howard relationship worse.

In a sense, the rocket's failure last season, Harden and Kardashian fell in love is a fuse, he lost focus. Harden this summer away from the scandal, he went to the Phoenix hard training, the final outbreak of the season. This year, after a summer of high-quality training, you are seeing James Harden changes. "See their customers play brave performance, Roland was very pleased.

Dec 5, 2016