[NBA News] Harden three pairs of Texas Civil War rocket win over the Spurs

The latest battlefield rocket away to 101-99 victory over the Spurs

Rocket (5-3) two-game winning streak. James - Harden played three pairs, contributed 24 points, 15 assists and 12 rebounds, Ryan - Anderson 20 points and 8 rebounds, Clint - Capella 12 points and 5 rebounds. Off the bench Eric - Gordon 15 points, Sam - Decker 10 points.

Spurs (5-3) two-game losing streak. Cowai - Leonard 34 points and seven rebounds, LaMarcus - Aldridge 14 points, Danny Green back, scored 8 points, Paul Gasol played only 12 minutes, 2 points 7 Rebounds.

Spurs record impressive, but there are some surprises. They won 4 away victories, while the home has lost twice. You know, last season, the Spurs lost at home only once.

Today's home game, the Spurs are still playing hard.

Harden gorgeous turn, become the point guard this season, the current assists in the league first. After opening, he was two assists, Capella alley-oop dunk, Anderson hit one-third, the Rockets to 5-0 start. The game played 8 minutes later, the Rockets all the mobile warfare scoring, not Harden personally handicap is from his assists NBA 2K17 MT. This section there are 3 minutes 57 seconds, Harden broke the board after the score, the Rockets to 20-16 lead. Substitute play, the Rockets will expand to double-digit advantage. Leonard in the end of this section will vote in the third, the Spurs to 24-33 behind.

The two sides have a strong attack power, the second section began a massive exchange. This section there are 4 minutes and 50 seconds, Gordon hit third, the Rockets to 50-44 lead. Aldridge even cast penalty with 3 points, the Spurs shot 7-0 after a 51-50 lead. The last 7 seconds of this section, the two teams also hit a record one-third, first Leonard in the midfield near the long shot succeeded, then the Rockets by Dekker hit the buzzer one-third, the Rockets to 63-60 lead.

The second half of the competition more intense. Trevor Ariza in the third quarter after the start of the third hit, and Green also immediately to the color, both tit for tat. This section there are 2 minutes and 37 seconds, Nene turned and hit a ball, the Rockets to 85-74 lead. Nene then blocked by the Spurs to a 6-0 end of this section, the score chase into 80-85.

Spurs to start with a wave of 8-1 fourth quarter, 88-86 lead in one fell swoop. Harden three assists, he also hit a ball, the rocket to 96-90 again lead.

The Spurs narrowed the gap to 1 point, Harden did not shoot, but grabbed his offensive rebounds, the ball to the outside, Anderson one-third succeeded in the game with 2 minutes 06 seconds, the Rockets to 101-97 lead. Harden after strong sudden caused a foul, but unfortunately the two free throws.

Leonard also to a ball, Harden three missed, then attack foul, there are 5.8 seconds in the game, the rocket to the opponent left a chance.

Leonard last-minute layup, failed to hit, Aldridge grabbed offensive rebounds, but tipped not into the Spurs fall short.