[NBA News] Harden's leaders are worth more than the data

Averaging three pairs, 42 times three pairs, averaging the king of scoring, a series of magical data, destined to let the young less 2016-17 season, into the NBA's history hall. Even if the first round of the playoffs, the Thunder is not too much suspense by the Rockets 4-1 out, Wei can also be high head to leave. And in the past few months, about Harden, Wei Shao who is more qualified to elect the season MVP topic, but also with the Thunder out, temporarily come to an end.

In fact, although the final selection results have not yet released. But the collection of the earlier US media voting data, Wei less force Harden was elected MVP, hope has been very large.

But the complex disk over the past five series, inevitably there will be a lot of people for Harden called Qu Yuan injustice At the end of the series opener, even the name has been said that if the micro is really this season MVP, then this award should be overturned re-election.

Then put aside the long regular season, just this round of the performance of the series observation, Harden really better than Granville it?

The answer is clearly not a word to say clearly. First said Harden, this round of series, he averaged 33.2 points and 7 assists and 6.4 rebounds. At first glance, the beard field is divided by the regular season has improved, but assists and rebounds, but there must be a decline. Taking into account Harden is the season assists the king, his five games but no one war assists on the double, so the data, the number of some garish.

In addition, the series 5 war, Harden averaged only three points hit rate of only 24%, averaging mistakes and fouls also created a career high. In the game, Harden can no longer calmly pass the organization, can no longer feel in the various modes of attack between the switch, Thunder very targeted defense, in the Harden body, did play a role.

As for the Wei Shao, 5 games, he averaged 37.4 points under 10.8 assists and 11.6 rebounds, the data compared with the regular season, only increased unabated. 5 field ball, he has three war to play three pairs, there are 2 war scores more than 45, when the teammates mischief know nothing, but also he came out again and again, the thunder from the dying to save.

If the meaning of MVP, only limited to naked data comparison, then from the series of individuals to play, Wei less undoubtedly better than Harden. But if the spot response, activation teammates, tactical execution, these intangible factors taken into account, Harden has a different temperament.

5 games series, Harden was indeed guarded, the efficiency of decline, but during this period, he was able to smart grasp the opponent's urgent attitude, the rational use of the rules, through their best at making foul tactics to sweep scores. 5 field series, Harden averaged 14.6 free throws to create a career high. In the case of outside projection is not allowed, Harden can also use the layup, the cast way of attack, the series before the 4 war, Harden two-point shooting rate of 57.8%, efficiency amazing.

In addition, Harden will take the initiative to observe the fate of teammates, feel, for them to create opportunities. Rocket characters players have been able to take turns in the series, and the beard of the tandem organization is inseparable.

In contrast, the prestige is always in the fall of a storm on board, lack of changes in the rhythm. This point, with the advance of the playoffs, was enlarged more and more obvious.

Of course, it is undeniable, from the comprehensive combat power, the rocket is better than the Thunder. And Wei less frequent large three pairs, visual impact is also enough shocking people. But the better leaders, really the most valuable players, perhaps only stand the tempestion of the game, is really convincing.