[NBA News] Harden's performance is enough to be selected as a quarter of MVP awards schedule

US media "Spacecityscoop" expert Ben - Casser that Harden's performance is enough to be selected as a quarter MVP award winning schedule, and if this performance can continue, the cornerstone may become the Arachu in 1994 Wang, another MVP rocket player.


2012-13 season, Harden was traded to the rocket Thunder. This deal now appears, it is natural to Thunder special loss, but at the time is not the case. Harden has just gone through a bad finals, the Thunder also 1-4 total score complete defeat of the Heat, lost the championship. However, after switching to rocket, Harden has begun a series of evolution. Now he has jumped from the league's best sixth man to one of the league's most dangerous players. Under his leadership, the Rockets currently ranked third in the west. Obviously, if Harden's strong data can be sustained, then elected MVP will be a matter of course.

During the effectiveness of the rocket, Harden never had a real sense of the poor performance of the season. Averaging at least 25 +5 data, means that Harden has always maintained a star level. This season with the arrival of D'Antoni, Harden had played as a point guard to play point guard. This transformation is fruitful, Harden quickly became obsessed with the new role.

Of course, if the data is the only measure of MVP standards, then the league probably only Harden and Westbrook, only to have qualified for the MVP. Harden's current data is this -

Averaging 27.8 points, fourth in the league

Averaging 11.6 assists, the Union first

A total of 279 assists, the Union first

Averaging 7.6 rebounds, second point guard

Voted 69 third in the league, seventh

Averaging 1.5 steals, the Union before 25

210 free throws in the league, the first

PER value of 27.8, the Union fifth

RPM value of 6.5, the Union fifth

17 double-doubles, the league second

4 times three pairs, the league second

In the past, we often criticized Harden's defense, but this season's situation is very different. In particular, the data comparison found that Harden's actual defensive quality is better than Thompson, Lillard, Owen, DeRozan and Wiggins.

Before the start of the season, the Rockets are widely expected to get the West 7th or 8th, if the team played such a record, then no matter how Harden performance Guards, he can not get MVP. However, the current momentum of the Rockets in the past 13 games, they won 11 of them, the current distance from the West, the first three games of the ball gap. Easily beat the Mavericks, the Rockets have made six consecutive victories, is currently the West has one of the longest winning team. In accordance with this pace, the Rockets at the end of the season is expected to get 58 victories.

In the offseason, Morey decided to hire D'Antoni, which many people believe is a stupid decision. But today's reality is bang bang bashing face, as Dean Tony was poor physical fitness, athletic ability to play Nash into a double MVP, now in his tune, Harden has become the league's best point guard .

Compared with Wesbrook, James, Curry and Durant, Harden in the first quarter of the performance of almost perfect. In his lead, the rocket is not only steadily improved, while the former negative evaluation of him, is slowly disappearing. Such as the cornerstone of a comprehensive upgrade their leadership, no longer unwilling to hold the ball, the defensive end is not so embarrassing.

Assuming that Harden can continue to lead the Rockets forward, then this team will become a feared in the league forces, not only Harden should get MVP. Into the playoffs, this rocket is enough to create trouble for other teams. Yes, Harden's strength has attracted enough attention, perhaps the cornerstone of Houston after joining the individual performance of the most successful season.