[NBA News] In the latest issue of the strength of the team still top the list of warriors

In the latest issue of the team strength list, the Warriors still top the list, the Cavaliers rose to second place, the Spurs ranked third. The Rockets went up to fifth in the league, eighth in the Thunder and 22nd in the Lakers.

ESPN球队实力榜:勇士连庄 骑士火箭排名上升

1 Warriors (1 - ranked last week, the same below)

Warriors as the league is now attacking the best team, their team basketball amazing. But compared to the past season, the Warriors did not people imagine stability, they do not lose already, a defeat is almost a defeat. In their four games this season, losing three games lost 20 points or 20 points or more, including last week to 89-110 defeat to the Grizzlies. Warriors are currently going through a devil race, 7 days need to play 5 away, but fortunately this devil race on December 14 will end the pelican.

2 Knights (4)

Knight as the defending champion, or the defending champion of the heritage. They suffered the season's longest three-game losing streak after the completion of the rebound quickly, to obtain a wave of four-game winning streak, consolidating their first position in the East. In last week's game, the Cavaliers faced the Eastern Conference finals last season's opponent Raptors, 116-112 win over opponents, played enough dominance. In the Cavaliers recovery at the same time, LeBron - James has also completed its own milestone, becoming the first in NBA history to score rebounds assists 27000 +7000 +7000 + players.

3 Spurs (3)

December 19, the Spurs legend Tim Duncan's No. 21 jersey retiring, which once again reminds us that the Spurs GDP era is over. Spurs in this context are undergoing transformation, their 2015-16 season to Khoi - Leonard and LaMarcus - Aldridge as the core, commonly known as double Germany period, this season by Leonard became the absolute core . Leonardo has played seven times this season, scoring 30 + performance, and before the season, his career was played a total of four times this performance.

4 Raptors (2)

As the 2016 Eastern Conference final opponent, the Raptors face the Cavaliers when there is no way this season has lost three times to the opponent. However, the entire East and even the Union, the Raptors are still a strong team, their last nine games to win eight games, including a wave of six-game winning streak. The Raptors now have an offensive efficiency of 114.2, and the Warriors flat, ranked first in the league. This from another point of view, the Raptors is already a forming strong teams.

5 Rocket (6)

So far, if you want to choose the best coach in the league, the Rockets coach Mike - D'Antoni and Grizzlies coach David - Fitzdale two people are popular candidates, including D'Antoni winning the chance. Because the handsome let James - Harden play point guard, Harden played a full role, so that the Rockets become one of the despots of the West. Rockets Another point worthy of praise is Patrick - Beverly, after his return to improve the rocket's defensive quality, to help the Rockets made 10 wins and 2 losses near the record.

6 Grizzlies (11)

The Grizzlies had a 3-4 record at the start of the season, but they managed to finish the game quickly, led by Fitzdair, and now have a 17-8 record. Grizzlies to get this result is not easy, they suffered a serious injury this season, the main Mike - Conley and Chandler - Parsons are suffering from injuries. The Grizzlies now have six straight wins, including a 110-89 victory over the Warriors on Dec. 11.

7 Clippers (5)

The Clippers is a difficult to locate the team, the team is full of controversy. They can play tough defensive early season, made 10 wins and 1 such results, people think they are championship contender; they can also be inexplicable encounter three straight, by the Nets to complete such a big deficit of the reversal of the big score ; They can win the defending champion Cavaliers away in the road, can also be defeated at home to the Warriors. Therefore, even if Chris - Paul can play 20 points and 20 assists and 0 errors Guards performance, the Clippers also need to upgrade.

8 Thunder (8)

Thunder played 24 games this season, Russell - Westbrook has sent out 12 times triple-double performance. If in accordance with this ratio, Wei Shao this season have the opportunity to play 41 games, three pairs of performance, tied the "big O" Oscar - Robertson to create a single-season triple-double number of records, and complete the season averaging three pairs of Albert. Even if Wei less seven consecutive triple-double in the game against the Celtics interrupted, his 12 triple-double is still phenomenal level, because the league this season, the other people played a total of 14 triple-doubles.

9 Jazz (9)

Jazz over the past 10 games to win eight games, in addition to Gordon - Hayward contributed, Rudy - Gopot is also a key figure. Gopot and Jazz signed billion yuan after the contract, played very well, he averaged 11.8 points and 11.6 rebounds and 2.8 blocks, hit rate as high as 67.1%. These numbers are his career record, which hit rate and blocked shots are now ranked first in the league. It is worth mentioning that, Gopot or Jazz this season, the only attendance of the starter players.

10 Bulls (7)

Rajon - Rondo suspended, there are discord factors within the Bulls, but this team is still very combat. December 9, the Bulls in the face of three straight after losing the home away from the face of the season 13 game winning streak of the Spurs to 95-91 beat the opponent, the Spurs and the opening road record of 14 consecutive victories lost. After defeating the Spurs, the Bulls beat Devin Wade's old club Heat, made two-game winning streak.

16-20 teams: Eagles, Bucks, Wizards, Trail Blazers, the Nuggets; 21-25 of the ball, the ball is not the ball, Team: Magic, Lakers, Minnesota, Heat, 76ers; 26-30 teams: Kings, Mavericks, Nets, Pelicans and the Suns.