[NBA News] In this week's team strength list of the Warriors finally go-ahead Knight ranked first in

In this week's team strength list, the Warriors finally overtake Knight ranked first in the league, the Knights because of a wave of losing streak fell to fourth place. The Raptors rose to second place, the Spurs in situ ranked third. The Rockets went further and finished sixth, with the Lakers down to 18th.

1 Warriors (2 - ranked last week, the same below)

The Warriors now have 17 wins and 3 losses, including seven games to reach or more than 125 points. Prior to this season, the NBA has 26 years without a team in the first 20 games of the season, playing five games to 125 + single-game score. In other words, the Warriors have created an NBA record for the past 26 years. In the next week's game, the Warriors' schedule is relatively easy, opponents, including their always restrained Clippers.

2 Raptors (5)

The Raptors are now one of the league's most powerful teams, with six straight wins, including a 128-84 victory over Eastern Hawks. In the meantime, they played a very good overall attack, no longer need to Dema - DeRozan open scoring mode. Their defense has made great progress in the six-game winning streak during the four games will opponents score suppressed in 100 points or less. The Raptors have now ranked first in the Eastern Conference points.

3 Spurs (3)

Greg - Gregg Popovich took over, the Spurs become a dynasty team, now also has a super team background, but some people can not read this season. They can get away 11 straight, before the season, NBA history, only two teams to complete this achievement, namely the 1969-70 season, the Knicks and 2015-16 season, the Warriors. They can also lose four games at home, including losing to underdog magic.

4 Knights (1)

Before last week, the Cavaliers as a defending champion, almost impeccable performance, they LeBron - James play against the background, still played enough dominance. But in last week's game, the knight suddenly dropped chain, the season for the first time suffered three straight. They became the Lakers in 2003, the first defending champion in the regular season, losing two consecutive 17 points or 17 points or more. JR Smith in the game to give up defense, to embrace Jason - Terry, has become a laughingstock.

5 Clippers (4)

2016-17 after the start of the season, the Clippers defensive eyes bright, once the league's best defensive team. But as a defensive team, the Clippers recent performance is very unstable, once suffered three-game losing streak, was weak to reverse the Nets. In last week's game, the Clippers can be 113-94 knights Knight 19 points, can also be defeated at home to the Pacers. Their performance next week to withstand the warriors of the bombing it?

6 Rocket (7)

Beijing December 1, the Rockets 132-127 double overtime defeat the Warriors, ending the Warriors 12-game winning streak. They then went to the Denver plateau, back to back against the Nuggets, physical strength seems to have not been affected, still playing efficient run tactics to beat the opponent 128-110. In the season 3 back to back the second game, the Rockets made 3 wins 0 negative record, James - Harden and others shines.

07 Bulls (6)

Bulls in the 4 wins and 2 losses after the end of a wave of six consecutive guest, back home to 111-105 to beat the defending champion Cavaliers, continue to play the role of dark horse. Bulls and Knights of the game cause for concern, first, because LeBron - James and Devin - Wade brothers duel, the second is because James and Dwyane Wade of the US Major League Baseball bet. Wade finally in these two areas have become the winner.

08 Thunder (11)

Kevin - Durant to the Warriors Baotuan, Thunder strength is greatly weakened, Russell - Westbrook became the team's only superstar. Wei less fate, with their own performance of three pairs of crazy carry thunder. He has five consecutive games played three pairs, led the Thunder made five straight, ranked fifth in the west. If Wei kept this performance, his scoring rebounds this season assists averaged three double the chance of getting higher and higher, have the opportunity to rival Oscar - Robertson.

18 Lakers (15)

The Lakers are currently two-game losing streak, the total record fell to 10 wins and 12 losses, but still conceal their dark horse qualities. In the last season, the Lakers until February 3, 2016 to win the season 10 games, by contrast, we can see that they have improved a lot. The Lakers are currently achieving this result, but also face two disadvantages: one is the current league has three teams schedule is difficult, the Lakers is one of them; two is the Lakers suffered a serious injury crisis.

9-15 teams: Jazz, Celtic, Grizzlies, Pacers, Pistons, Hornets, Knicks; 16-20 teams: Bucks, Trail Blazers, Lakers, Magic, Eagles; - 25 teams: the Heat, Timberwolves, Nuggets, Wizards, Pelican; 26-30 team: King, Sun, Mavericks, Nets and 76 people.