[NBA News] Iverson a ball conquered idol Jordan

Speaking of "ankle terminator," who would you think of the name? Is Allen Iverson? Derrick Rose? Or say Chris Paul? Each person may be able to give different answers. Nearly 20 years ago, Iverson had Akira halo Jordan, won the "ankle terminator" title. Tencent sports original column "NBA old photos" today to tell you Iverson Akira halo Jordan story.

Newborn calves are not afraid of the tiger! AI Akira halo Jordan

In 1996, Michael - Jordan won his fifth championship trophy; one is the beginning of the league's rookie, one is covered in full glory, was Feng As the "god of basketball" superstar, they in the United States time March 12, 1997, the grips became the classic.

It stands to reason that Iverson as a rookie, Jordan should be the face of "heart health admiration", which will be some "timid tension", but all do not meet Iverson's character. Iverson face Jordan not only did not feel the slightest tension, but let him very excited, and even let him have a "feeling of war", just stand opposite him, is to inspire him to become a basketball player .

"It was like we were in a fight that night," Iverson later recalled, "but in the fight, your opponent is your favorite person, this feeling is very strange, but I have to give support to me The people of an account ah.

NBA老照片:艾弗森晃晕乔丹 一球征服偶像

How to explain?

Iverson chose to "play" idol way to give fans, so the classic moment was born. At that time in an offensive round, Allen Iverson in the three-point line outside the ball after an opportunistic attack, this time Jordan has been down the center of gravity, put on a serious defensive posture. "Champion" VS "trapeze", so face to face dialogue is rare, the fans have stood up, waiting for the classic duel.

Iverson first left to fake, Jordan's center of gravity followed by left tilt, this time Iverson quickly use the crotch dribble, continuous fake swings to the right after the ball, in Jordan completely lose the center of gravity Circumstances, Iverson in the free throw line near the pull-jumper, "Flying" Although the full complement, but can not stop the ball flying into the Nets NBA Live Coins. A rookie had just entered the league playing the "basketball god", the scene of the fans boiling, and separate media also focused on reports, for a time, "Iverson Akira Jordan" has become the hottest topic.

Although Iverson Akira halo Jordan that moment has passed nearly 20 years, but today, this classic will continue to be mentioned. Just for Iverson, then he did not realize that, shake a bit what Jordan is a great thing, but the fans reaction to let him feel, Akira Jordan is how classic moment.

"In fact, I am not very concerned about this moment, but the follow-up effect of the ball before I realized that the ball is so much concern.I countless times with the world's media about the moment the idea, until now, The children came to ask me, do not ask me is not Iverson, but that you are the person to go past Jordan. "Iverson later recalled.

Jordan, Allen Iverson's life idol

In fact, Michael - Jordan is Iverson's idol, but also inspired him to embrace basketball that person, but also his life to catch up with the goal. Therefore, in Iverson's own, Akira halo Jordan's action is very special, because he is the opposite of his idol.

"That (Akira Jordan) is really a very special moment of my career, because Jordan is my idol, if not him, I will not become a basketball player, or even have the idea of ​​playing, I really want to be Jordan That kind of player, "Iverson said.

In this year's Hall of Fame awards ceremony, Iverson also once again referred to Jordan, and recalled the first time he played against that moment. "I wanted to be another Jordan at the time," Iverson said at the Hall of Fame awards. "I remember seeing him for the first time with him, and I felt like, 'Gee, That 's Jordan, my idol, my hero.

Iverson though life without a crown, but also won the respect of the fans, also won the Jordan respect, as Michael Jordan had inspired him, Iverson also inspired a lot of people onto the basketball court, engaged in basketball.

Iverson's evaluation for a lot of Jordan's words may be the most accurate, "to his body, people will think that he can not do a lot of things, but he proved wrong with the action, he is a great player , Who can not deny. "