[NBA News] JR injury is expected to miss 4 to 6 weeks

Knight's official announcement, J-R-Smith right thumb fracture, will undergo surgery. JR's return schedule to be based on the situation after surgery to decide. Normally, the injury is expected to be missed by JR for four to six weeks.

骑士又失大将!JR拇指骨折需手术 恐休战6周

J-R-Smith is playing against Cleveland in the first half against the Cavaliers injured, according to the front reporter said he was trying to steal the letter brother in the process of being hit. In the intermission stage, JR received a check, Knight then announced that he will not return to the game.

After that, JR received the X-ray inspection, but did not get a clear result. After the game, JR with the Cavaliers back to Cleveland, received further examination. According to reports at the time, the Knights fear JR fracture of the thumb appeared injury.

The local time on Wednesday, bad news came, JR thumb injury confirmed, there is a fracture, the need for surgical treatment. It is not yet known how long JR needs to be in the truce, but usually it takes four to six weeks for the player to recover from the injury.

JR signed a 4-year $ 57 million contract with Knight before the start of the regular season. Before the injury, JR has missed six games due to knee and ankle injuries. So far this season, JR averaged only 8.6 points, shooting only 33.7%, three-point shooting was 36.2%. Recently, JR state has been restored, but he suffered a thumb injury.

JR need a long truce, the impact on the Knight is obvious. JR although the state of the season in general, but he is the team's first starting shooting guard, is one of the most important three-point heavy artillery. Because of the considerable threat in the outside, JR's presence can open space for the Cavaliers, James and Irving to more easily break through.

Fortunately, now the regular season to one-third, JR this time injured, and will not affect the Cavaliers playoff game. The current Knight, they meet the regular season is no problem, the most important thing is to maintain the core lineup before the playoffs health.

But the Cavaliers must also be alert, they have been in recent times one after another injury. In less than a week, "Birdman" Anderson, Carrefour and JR the three generals have fallen because of injury. Among them, Anderson the most serious injuries, he suffered a training in the right knee anterior cruciate ligament tear seriously injured. Knight had previously announced that Anderson will undergo surgery, this season ahead of reimbursement.

Carrefour's injury did not hurt, he just knee bruises. No accident, then, Carrefour will soon come back.