[NBA News] Knight and now the Heat who is stronger

Knight and now the Heat who is stronger? Although many people are eager to know, James, Carrefour and Owen as the core of the Cavaliers, and James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh as the core of the Heat, who can be superior. This issue of "lying NBA", will focus on this topic, for analysis.

On the whole, Knight wins

First comparison of the two teams as a whole, from the Knight's configuration, the starting five tigers for the Irving, JR, James, Carrefour and Thompson, the main substitute for Hong Porter, Frye and Jefferson. Heat's starting five tigers for Chalmers, Wade, Miller, James and Bosh, the main bench for Shane Battier, Allen and Anderson.

From the overall configuration, the Cavaliers and no obvious shortcomings, although the height of eight Yin Wang only 2 meters 06, and recently immersed in the "poison" Kardashian unable to extricate themselves. But by virtue of excellent physical talent and superior bounce, Thompson is still a member of the Union retaining basket. Thompson can contribute 6.7 points, 9.6 rebounds and 1.5 blocks in less than 30 minutes of play this season. In contrast to James for the effectiveness of the four seasons of the Heat, the team has not been able to find a qualified basket players. In desperation, had to move to the center position Bosh. This point of view, when James led the Heat, in fact, there is no center of the team. It is also because the soft ribs too obvious reason, often in the playoffs against opponents. Even the Roy - Hibbert and his ilk, and whenever the Heat against, it will be the embodiment of the All-Star level.

As for the Chalmers and JR, there are also gaps in personal ability. Chalmers is a solid point guard, his task is to pass the ball before the field, and then to one of the Big Three deal. On the contrary JR is a mix of generous guy, has always been confident in their ability. Especially once the wind, can be regarded as another giant. This is why this summer, JR and Knight completed 4 years 57 million contract reasons.

Substitute comparison, it touches not leave. Fry and Allen have a critical moment of cold-blooded deadly skills, Shane Battier and Shampert are also the existence of flank gate type, Jefferson and Anderson are experienced veteran.

On the giant, grams of the city younger

Than the integrity of the natural than the giant, Owen and Carrefour, compared with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, what is strong and weak? One must face the reality is that Wade was born in January 17, 1982, Bosh was born March 24, 1984. In 2010 together, Wade 28 years old, Bosh is 26 years old; and Owen is born in March 23, 1992, Le Fu was born in September 7, 1988, together in 2014, Owen 22 years old, Carrefour 25 years old. Obviously, the age structure from the point of view, the Knight is obviously younger.

Young, means that there is a broader room for growth; means that can continue to progress. At least in terms of Irving, James's side, he can be described as an annual upgrade. Especially in the finals last season, the seventh game, the key moment Irving against Curry hit the third, called the key blow. By this season, Owen averaged 24.4 points and 4.6 assists, leading the team scoring. Cleveland's Prince, now finally reveal the edge.

On the contrary, Wade, it is undeniable that he is still super-giant identity, but age, means that the gradual decline in body function. So that in 2013 to help the team win, we see a sad scene. Lightning took Champagne, watered his knees, and mumbled, "Old friend, you worked hard."

Carrefour and Bosh, it touches the type of difference. The two players are born power forward, are also responsible for "Xia of the big, for the king back pot" of the sacred mission. However, the difference is that Carrefour and Bosh, Carrefour is also back pan Han, but the rebounds are not vague, since joining Knight, he averaged 9.7 rebounds can get 9.9 rebounds and 10.4 rebounds. In the effectiveness of the heat during the period, Bosh has never more than 9 rebounds per game, to the 2013-14 season, it is averaging only grabbed 6.6 rebounds, and was dubbed the "wave of a plate." As for the reason, in addition to Carrefour itself than Bosh is better at rebounding, the Heat lack of frame type inside, resulting in Bosh often with the other Biao Han fight.

骑士已强于三巨头热火 詹皇“决定二”太机智

In fact, James's "decision 2", in addition to really want to bring home a championship, which also lacks the heat architecture considerations. In 2014, Wade 32 years old, Bosh has been at least 30 years. More significant is that Bosh left shortly after James, they were found in pulmonary thrombosis, which is likely to endanger his career. Imagine if Zhan Huang then choose to stay behind the Heat, is not already "stuck" it?

Witty James, not only in the "Decision 2" before the timely detection of the risk, and through the "Decision 2", the perfect to be excluded.

On Zhan Huang, has been more mature

2010 summer to make a decision 1, James was never won the "young", so even if the heat was the strength of the highest crown in 2011, Union was led by the old single-core driver. Press conference, James and Wade at the same time Wulian photos, people can not help laughing.

By 2014, the Heat was optimistic about three consecutive years, the establishment of the dynasty, but suddenly lost his horse, the finals brutally Spurs hanging. James chess cricket which leave, and make a lot of fans laughter. "Cramp diarrhea," the negative evaluation, but also like a hat-like heaven, wearing Zhanhuang head.

骑士已强于三巨头热火 詹皇“决定二”太机智

But by the summer of 2014, James is about to stand, and four years ago, compared to their own, is quite different. The most typical, than four years ago, the decision 1, attracted thousands of infamy, after all, live in front of the TV, it is too hurt the hearts of his hometown elders. Contrary to the 2014 decision 2, but it is a classic in the history of public relations. A warm and tender, "the father told the book home," and instantly restore their image. Obviously, four years of sharpening, not only make James more robust, make a major choice, the more comprehensive consideration.

Field so, the venue is even more so. The finals in 2015, Carrefour and Owen both fall, James with a group of remnants defeated with the Warriors deal, despite the final 2-4 defeat, but many people pay tribute to James's fighting. To the 2016 Finals, James led a comeback, this time he faced the regular season 73 wins to break the record of the Warriors. After the first 4 games, Knight 1-3 behind, the brink of despair. Can be chosen from the fifth start, James showed unprecedented state of vigorous, full-force mode to Superman-led even under the three cities, comeback to win. After winning the phrase, "Cleveland, I give you the championship." Is his image completely washed white.

Sanshou old man, physical function may not be as in the past, but become more experienced, more wily, more freely. Therefore, compared with the heat of the James, Knights of James, but become more mature, more terrible.

On promotion, hard work on the sweep

From the finals of the road to the situation, the Cavaliers are also much easier than the Heat. In the heat for James during the period, the Celtics and Pacers will Miami dragged into the seven-game winning streak of Deathmatch; the contrary in the Cavaliers camp, want to break from the East, has always been difficult. 4-0 out of the Celtics; 4-2 win the Bulls; 4-0 shot down the eagle. By 2016, it is 4-0 sweep the Pistons, 4-0 and then destroy the eagle, 4-2 kill the Raptors. Two-year breakout of the Eastern tour, Knight played a total of 28 games, a record of 24 wins and 4 losses, we can see, there is no rival.

骑士已强于三巨头热火 詹皇“决定二”太机智

In fact, the eastern part of the team is still so Haoqiang a few, but because Knight strength is too powerful, so easy to cook opponents, have to do all the time. Interestingly, the past two seasons of the finals, Knights are quickly resolved after the battle to wait at Plaza, waiting for the team from the western breakout.

Conclusion: Knight willing to spend more money

No comparison will not kill, regardless of the lineup with the scientific point of view, James partner of the individual ability, and Zhan Huang himself, now this knight is stronger than the former Heat. As for why the Cavaliers can cobble together a better lineup, so that James can be more easily, because only one word ---- money.

Compared with the Heat boss Allison, Gilberto never care how much money will be spent, he only care about James can not bring the championship for the team. In the contract with JR, the Cavaliers just starting five tigers, total wages will be close to 100 million. The other hand, the Heat boss Allison, blatantly in 2013 hero, but also James buddies Miller special amnesty, the reason is only "do not want to pay the luxury tax."

Of course, money is not a panacea, but no money, but it is absolutely impossible.