[NBA News] Knight win the Raptors win three straight

Knight 121-117 home to beat the Raptors, Knight made three-game winning streak, the Raptors three-game winning streak stopped. James 28 points, 9 rebounds and 14 assists, Irving 24 points, Carrefour 19 points and 13 rebounds, Fry came off the bench to contribute 21 points into five three-pointers, 59 seconds before the whistle hit the key long-range. DeRozan 26 points, this is his 10 games this season, the second score did not reach 30 points, failed to become Chamberlain in 1962 after the first 10 games before the season 9 to get 30 + players, Lori 28 points 9 Assists.

The field star: Fry another season-high

In the last game against the Hornets, Frye Knight to become an important hero to win, scored 20 points and scored 6 points in mind, a record high score this season. The campaign, Fry again to refresh the individual single-game scoring record this season, the 33-year-old veteran in 19 minutes and 37 seconds of playing time, 7 of 10 of which three-pointers 8 of 5 contribute 21 points. In the fourth quarter to determine the outcome of ownership, Fry 5 vote 4 three-pointers in the 4 3 free throws 2 2 to take 13 points alone. 59 seconds before the whistle, James Fry received the ball, very calm and calm action to shake open defender shots, firmly put into the three points so that Knight go-ahead two points. There is an old family if a treasure, Frye Knight is the magic weapon to win.

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Game Review: Fry three-knight victory over the Raptors

J.R.-Smith because of right ankle pain for the second consecutive truce, Richard - Jefferson starting, the Raptors side Carol holiday. This season scoring leader DeRozan in the opening even after three in the vote, led the Raptors scored 7 points lead. Knight suspended to make adjustments to strengthen the defense of DeRozan, increasing the intensity of double teams, DeRozan then not vote for 4 consecutive. James and Erwin together to lead the Cavaliers to catch up, James Qiangtu basket labeled 2 +1, Owen twice since the vote from the second attack succeeded, James gave a difficult fadeaway jumper. Dunleavy hit third, Tristan - Thompson pick and roll into the ball dunk, Knight blasted 20-6 attack wave overtake 7 points. Joseph layup for the Raptors "bleeding", the Raptors 25-30 behind Cleveland 5 points the end of the first section of the game.

Section II war, James hit the dunks hit 2 +1, Hong Porter and Frye third bombing, the Cavaliers established a 9-point lead. Lori even voted to lead the Raptors to catch up, Terence - Ross with two in mind two points, DeRozan with two goals, the Raptors set off a wave of counterattack in the score beyond NBA 2K17 MT. The first section of 8 cast 2 ineffective Phi Phi linked into battle, in less than 5 minutes Lianna 10 points, leading the Cavaliers to stabilize the situation to 61-57 regain the lead position to complete the first half of the competition.

The second half of the curtain opened, DeRozan in the campaign before the 9 games this season, a total of three points in mind three points, he came in the third quarter feeling, first left long-range hit, then thrown into the bottom corner three Points, the Raptors to achieve lead. James began to force, the back hit DeRozan turned dunks, pressure seconds into the third, counter-break RCC, James scored 10 points in the third quarter alone, led the Cavaliers to re-control of the war situation, once the lead Up to 12 points. DeRozan led the Raptors to catch up, DeRozan jumper hit, he got 11 points in the third quarter, the Raptors 84-91 7 points behind the Knights into the fourth quarter.

The fourth quarter of the decisive battle, Lowry led the Raptors continue to chase points, the Raptors in the fourth quarter began to play 17-7 once again go-ahead. James assists Fry third hit, which is Fry thrown into the fourth of three points in the campaign, the Cavaliers hit the tenth in mind the third, the Cavaliers this season, 10 games are dropped into at least 10 three-pointers in mind . Raptors third of the same fierce firepower, Terence - Ross with two in mind two points, the Raptors ahead 6 points to stop Knight. Owen layup, Lori dropped one-third back, Owen to long-range retaliate, the game showed stalemate.

Owen to come forward, the first break through the rod hit the basket, then the left corner against the defensive into the third, the Cavaliers in the fourth quarter before the end of 1 minute 57 seconds ahead of 1 minute. DeRozan hit the cast, Lori dissatisfied with the referee whistled to eat technical foul, Carrefour two free throws, the two draw. DeRozan made two free throws in a foul, the Raptors ahead 1 point. Critical moment, James break the ball, Fry in the top position to catch the ball Akira open defender into the third, the Cavaliers leading 2 points, 59 seconds left in the game time.

DeRozan not in the third, James layup, 34 seconds before the Cavaliers pointer with 4 points ahead. Lori three points out, James and Valanchunas has offensive fouls, the Raptors to take foul tactics, James made two free throws, DeRozan layup, the Cavaliers suspected interference with the ball, but the referee did not see the playback playback Interference with the ball, but the ball awarded to the Raptors. Lori layup, Hong Porter two free throws in one, the game time runs out, Cleveland pass.

Highlights: the legendary all-powerful king to watch the scene

The game, NBA legend Oscar - Robertson to watch the scene, sitting on the bench near the Cavaliers. Before the start of the game, James went to Robertson side, to the older generation to pay tribute, the two chatted chatting. Robertson is the only NBA history in a single season played three pairs of players, his 1961-62 season, averaging 30.8 points and 12.5 rebounds and 11.4 assists to create a record.

Starting lineup

Raptors: Valanchunas, Xi Yakam, Powell, DeRozan, Lori

Knight: Tristan - Thompson, Carrefour, James, Jefferson, Owen