[NBA News] Larry - Bird and Elvin - Johnson are the NBA's greatest players

Larry - Bird nominated 60s of last century, the Celtics, Magic Johnson is nominated in the 1980s to him as the core of the Lakers, Barkley, Ewing also to be outdone to nominate their own team. "Shut up," Big Bird said, "Charles (Barkley), you have nothing, you did not have anything ... Patrick (Ewing), you have a championship? Obediently shut up." Bird's roar is not targeted Magic, they had eight years in the championship eight, which they can be among the reasons for discussion.

"Dream One" team also happened one thing.

Practice shooting, the magician like a person occupying a basket. After the bird appeared, the magician would call him to shoot, and then told him, "This basket is the NBA championship winners dedicated." Ewing and they want to practice together, magician down meal, said Loser Did not qualify; Barkley, glider, Chris - Mullin was magician away until Jordan and Pippen appear, the magician to let the two join, four people began to practice together.

With the proud birds of the times and the magician, in addition to the pride of the championship, simply opposite each other. Big Bird is an introverted, mean, thrifty white, while the magician is an outgoing, hearty, spend money to the big black. They belong to the East and West Union, the name of the different positions, but from the first day into the NBA that day, was brought to compare, not very tired of each other; the so-called "black and white Shuangsha" simply can not be friends until one Commercials.


Advertising, making friends

In 1985, Big Bird and the magician to participate in shooting Converse shoes advertising. Advertising in the bird home, Indiana village shooting, which has been used to stay in Los Angeles, the magician is very uncomfortable. He reluctantly to the countryside, and birds meet, barely greeted. The bird also asked him, "My mother asked you to eat lunch, do not go?

The magician finally went. At Big Bird's door, Mother Bird gave the magician a hug and said that Isaiah Thomas and the magician were her favorite players. Magic surprise, the atmosphere suddenly relaxed down. In the process of chatting with the big bird, the magician found that they have a lot in common. They are born in poor families; they have a lot of brothers and sisters; their dad is not how to deal with; they are very comprehensive player (Magic is a defender, but can play power forward, as a three-bit Bird rebounds more than the big one), like passing is better than scoring. The more they talk more speculative, Big Bird or even tell competitors, "My back is not very good."

The magician noted that Bird's lawn was well cut. He asked Bird, who mowed the lawn for him, and the bird said lightly, "Cut yourself.

"What do you say? You cut yourself? Those lawns are definitely 10-15 acres so big!" The magician almost fell off his chair.

Big Bird is still calm, "is my own dry."

The magician's impression of Big Bird is getting better and better. They talk about a long time, bursts of advertising things are forgotten.

Talk about friendship, the two actually met in college. At that time, the magician in Michigan State, and play in the Indiana State University bird, early on was elected to the national team, but also by the coach on the bench. Two sympathetic, so agreed in each training are led by two teams off the hook a team, never tired. When the Magic led the team in the 1979 NCAA final victory over Big Bird, the two have to understand that an inevitable competition will be staged.

You win me, I win you

The rookie season, the magician can get 18 points, 7.7 assists and 7.3 rebounds, while the bird is 21.3 points, 10.4 rebounds and 4.5 assists. The two data comparable, but Big Bird to help the Celtics than the previous quarter to win 32 games the ball, the final was elected Rookie of the Year. The results in the finals before the sixth game was open, direct stimulation to the magician. He was in the subsequent game incarnation center, played 42 points, 15 rebounds magical data, led the Lakers to get the championship; Rao is so, he is a big bird grudge, he did not want others to mention the big bird, , Big Bird does not want to hear the name of the magician.

The two true sense of the first "showdown" occurred in the 1984 NBA Finals. Previously, the Green Army in 1981 to get the championship, while the Lakers in 1980, 1982, won twice; 27-year-old bird, 24-year-old magician, their hard work five years later, ready to staged the peak duel. "We are not even in the field on the bit! I think the competition between us, more is how to help his teammates, because we are all in the game," he said. People who like to share basketball with their teammates.

In 1984, David - Stern as NBA president in the first year, the playoffs into seven games four wins system; before the battle, the two will understand the Finals will be a tug of war, the magician said, "I think We need each other, because we are each other's power. "In the seven thrilling duel, the magician averaged 18 points, sending a total record of the finals record of 95 assists; but the birds are skill, Averaging 27 points, 14 rebounds, and several times in a critical moment to save the team. Green Army eventually won the championship 4 to 3, this time bird won. Bird won, he is the most critical moment in the fourth game series, the face of the magician shot hit the turn, to pull the crisis; he always forget the defeat in college in 1979, after winning the magician to win the championship , He felt relieved.

It did not matter, magician in the 1985 and 1987 finals won back. The 1984 finals, he had the seventh game in the last 80 seconds of consecutive errors, the two titles, so he can be relieved.

Almost the entire 80's, the Lakers and the Celtics long in the league's top, bird and magician duel between, but also all the focus of attention. Big Bird said the "relationship" between the two was very good, as it not only allowed the two teams to go further, but, "to be honest, there is no better competition."


There is no eternal hero. Slowly, the bird's back injury more serious; magician also found to carry HIV. One into the nineties, two of the times seems to have passed.

Like the sunset is still beautiful afterglow, the two together or contributed to the last performance. Deliberately back to the magician to persuade Big Bird to participate in the Olympic Games in Barcelona, ​​the two teammate as captain, in 1992 to get the Olympic gold medal. After that, the bird retired, the two end of the era.

Career in his later years, more and more intimate relationship between the two. In making a decisive decision, the Magic first notice of the NBA player is a bird. Later, in 2002, the magician into the Hall of Fame, the recommender is the bird.

"Larry only fooled me once, you said there would be another Byrd, but this alliance will not have another Byrd." Magic said, "how many people can be so close with each other, but also become champion , Competitors, and eventually become friends? "

They are, indeed, rare in history.

About Johnson

Nicknamed "Magic" of Elvin - Johnson is one of the greatest defender ever, ten times in 13 years to enter the finals, and won the NBA championship five times. Johnson is the great "dream of a" men's basketball captain, he and Larry - Bird and others together in the eighties and nineties of the last century to the NBA's influence to a new height.

Johnson was born in August 14, 1959, registered height of 2.06 meters, weight 98 kg, the Department of the impressive point guard. University, Johnson led the Michigan State University to get the national championship, followed by the first round in 1979, the first overall pick by the Lakers. In the first season to join the Lakers, Johnson led his unit to win the NBA championship, and was elected Finals MVP, in the sixth quarter of the season finals, Lakers center Kareem Abdul-Jaber for lack of war, Johnson unexpectedly changed to hit the center , Even get 42 points, 15 rebounds of great data to help the Lakers win, but also achievements in the history of basketball one of the greatest moments.

In addition to the five championships, Johnson's other honors include: three NBA regular season MVP, three Finals MVP, two All-Star MVP. In 1991, Johnson unfortunately infected with HIV, had to say goodbye to the NBA. In the active treatment of the premise, Johnson continues to engage in basketball, and in 1992 to participate in the Eastern All-Star Game, as well as the Barcelona Olympic Games. In 1996, in the illness after a lapse of four years, Johnson has once again come out, on behalf of the Lakers played. After a thorough retirement, Johnson is now a successful businessman.

Larry Bird Introduction

Larry Bird is the kind of basketball star that can define an era, nicknamed "Larry Legend", who led the Celtics in the 1980s to win three NBA championships, Division "Johnson led the Lakers together to create a great" black and white Shuangsha "era.

Byrd was born in July 12, 1956 Indiana, 6 feet 9 (2.06 meters), the University has been in the Indiana University and Indiana State University. In 1979, Bird led Indiana into the NCAA final, but eventually lost to Johnson's Michigan State. That same year, Bird in the NBA draft sixth pick by the Celtics selected, from the beginning of the 13 green career. In his rookie season, Byrd let the Green Army than the previous season to win 32 games, his own score, rebounding, steals, playing time four technical statistics are ranked top in the team, successfully won the best of the year Rookie; since the 1983-84 season, Bird three consecutive years was elected regular season MVP, which is the history of NBA following Russell and Chamberlain after the third person to receive this award. 1985-86 season, Bird led the Celtics to get the history of the 16th NBA championship, he also received the regular season and finals double MVP, to reach the peak of his career.

In his later years, Bird suffered a back injury, participated in the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games and get the gold medal, Bird announced his retirement, his career averages of 24.3 points, 10 rebounds. Bird subsequently joined the Pacers management, have served as head coach and president and other duties, and is the first NBA history to get MVP, Coach of the Year and the Year Award for the great manager of the great man. Bird is a member of the Hall of Fame and one of the top 50