[NBA News] Mike Daniels 6 in 5 into the rocket Jones

NBA regular season, the Rockets away 97-112 loss to the eagle. Although the team lost, but for the debut of K.J - Mike Daniels, but has a good performance.

Full match Mike Daniels played 17 minutes, 5 of 6 shots to get 13 points. In the current rocket lineup, KJ firmly secured the backcourt first backup position, the first section of the middle of the bench after the high efficiency of 2 shots scored 4 points.

Section II game, Mike Daniels performance is extremely dazzling, the Hawks gradually opened the score, KJ again debut, first in the fast break in the pass Harden finished dunks, the points difference reduced to 6 points. After the attack, KJ dribbling the bottom line, Mirs wings into the sky, across the Howard attempted to complete the one-handed split button, despite being capped by Howard, but still cause foul, firmly two free throws. Although did not complete the direct score, but the face of Warcraft is not afraid or show the teenager's full confidence, while his superior athletic ability is also evident.

Section III of the first half of the game, the rocket attack stalled, eagle momentum more and more Sheng, Mike Daniels in the game with three minutes left, a fake break to break free throw line near the completion of turnaround jumper to help the Rockets to stop bleeding, Catch up with 10 points. And then hit the arc after the first three points to help the Rockets continue to narrow points difference. But helpless eagle offensive too, the rocket has not been able to narrow points difference. Distal game rocket hard to catch up with the score, always the main focus on the field, Mike Daniels did not get too much playing opportunities.

However, this game or let us see the KJ in the offensive end of the all-around skill, long shot outside and rely on their own physical quality breakthrough are very threatening. He can continue to maintain this performance, after the return of Beverly, he can also become an important member of the Rockets backcourt.