[NBA News] NBA labor and management have reached a new labor agreement many veterans become benefici

NBA labor and management have reached a new labor agreement, LeBron - James and Chris - Paul and other veterans to become beneficiaries. According to "Akron Beacon" reported that the new collective bargaining agreement will be the former 36-year-old rules to 38-year-old rules, James for this reason 2018 can be signed 5 years up to 209 million US dollars in contracts, annual salary of more than 40 million.

August 13, 2016, James and Knight reached a renewal agreement, the two sides signed a 3-year $ 100 million contract. In this contract, James 2016-17 season's annual salary of about 30.96 million US dollars, 2017-18 season's annual salary of about 33.29 million US dollars, 2018-19 season's annual salary of about 35.61 million US dollars. He can jump out of the contract in the summer of 2018, a completely free agent, you can choose to stay in the Knight or leave.

According to the previous labor agreement, James 2018 contract, the 36-year-old terms apply, and knights can not sign a five-year maximum contract. Because at that time James has been 33 years old, signed a 5-year contract will apply 36-year-old terms. NBA new collective bargaining agreement on the 36-year-old terms were changed to 38-year-old terms, which allow James to become beneficiaries, you can sign a five-year maximum salary contract.

NBA new broadcast contract from the 2016-17 season to take effect, so that salary cap rose, the player's salaries rise. By 2018, the salary cap will rise to a new height, the players salary will reach a new height. James as a union in the effectiveness of more than 10 years veteran, he signed a new five-year maximum salary contract, the total value will reach terrible $ 209 million, the total amount and annual salary are expected to create a historical record.

James in 2018 and Knight can sign a 5-year maximum contract, there are two variables. One is that James once said that if the right opportunity, they will consider a pay cut and his brothers Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony and Devin Wade play together. This means that James may leave the Cavaliers, joining other teams, together Paul, Anthony and Wade.

Another is the Knight boss Dan - Gilbert will give James a maximum salary contract. James if the 2018 time to sign a 5-year contract, the end of the contract when he was 38 years old, in the NBA for 20 seasons. For such a veteran, there is a great risk of injury, give him out of the annual salary of 40 million contract, let Gilbert and Cavaliers management hesitation.