[NBA News] NBA super team era, but before the balance, the other team or to catch up.

West finals Warriors to the Spurs, the second half of the second half, Jerry West is sitting in the Oracle Arena manager package, full of thoughts on how to escape the arena. As early as the Lakers general manager of the moment, West often slipped out from the arena, driving blindly, find a cinema drilling, and resolutely shield all the sound of the game. It was the last century 80's, even then the Lakers wins more negative, but West is still afraid to watch the game. Now, he is in the warriors to do consulting work, the warriors of the new era can be described as quite satisfied: four stars shine, only I respect; his praise for Kevin Durant, but used to describe Kobe Bryant. However, the second game he left the arena, this time not because of tension, but boring.

"I do not like the balance of strength," West said, "balance the word on behalf of the mediocre, but I also want to see the competition. In fact, we do not want to see this situation, the end of the third quarter, we 106 75 lead, I feel bad spurs, but more distressed fans, because if you are really fans, that the playoffs you certainly want to see the exciting tough battle, you come to me to each other, the last one win, you feel home The body was hollowed out by the tense game.

Warriors is the history of the first playoff 12 wins and 0 negative start of the team, net victory points 16.3, the highest in the playoffs. A team president said, "they and our gap, just like a team of college teams and two teams almost." A player who was eliminated by the Warriors team participated in the season summary conference, approach slow pace The "Do not worry," the team manager comforted him, "who came the same."

For the third consecutive year, the Warriors, Knights of the General Assembly, like the Lakers, the Celtics duel, then N B A has just set up their own influence. "Everyone will say that riding Yong is Lake Kay, but I'm not sure I should not agree," former Lakers player James Worthy issued a different opinion, he is now Spectrum SportsN et analyst. "There are a lot of games in that season, and the fourth quarter is still two minutes left and right, and this is the difference, and now the fans do not have to see that the two teams will put all the challengers at the foot.

2016 - 2017 season regular season is very interesting, but the final ownership of the throne in fact no effect, superstar personal performance pleasing, but let there is no suspense season with a bit interesting. The playoffs really do not need to predict, knight, warrior is a well-preserved Galaxy warships, the other team is full of holes in the wooden sailboat.

"To tell the truth, for most of our team, now can only do, only in the partition before the final try to avoid the knight warriors," a team general manager said, "you say how to beat them? This is simply unrealistic. "

N B A is always dominated by teams, the league level also rely on teams to upgrade. If there is no Lakers, the Celtics, there will be a piston, bull, and later the Spurs and Heat. "At that time we absolutely talent bursting," the Heat former assistant, Grizzlies current coach David Fitzdale said. "But did not burst to this extent, did not say that the whole list is metamorphosis.

Defending champion knight swept the east, 32-year-old LeBron James is still at its peak, Knight was Fitzdale called "video game only the team." But Jerry West this week to read the newspaper, will find his warriors is the biggest champion of the champion, we can see the huge gap between the Warriors Knight.

In 2014, the N B A Union tasted the sweetness, Xiaohua as the new president, signed a $ 24 billion huge television broadcast contract. Although N B A dug gold, but the bosses did not dare to be taken lightly. "We are worried about what might happen next." Mavericks boss Mark Cuban admits. Salary cap before or 63.1 million US dollars, and after the TV contract into effect, this figure will skyrocket. At the end of 2014, Xiaohua proposed to the players union, so that the "salary cap" growth process gentle. The 2015 All-Star weekend, 50 players met in New York, deliberations to dismiss Xiao Hua's "peaceful rise" proposal.

2015-2016 season, the salary cap increased slightly to 70 million US dollars, television contract money to the next season, salary cap has become 94.1 million US dollars, compared with the previous increase of more than three times.

"What do you know about the most crazy?" A manager said. "We were all very happy at the beginning, just like a man suddenly came over to give you 200 billion. You can take the money on the free market Throw the contract, get those who can not sign the players before, but you soon understand that the street that person seems to give all the team 20 billion US dollars the league's best team, 73 wins and 9 losses, to win the championship The ability to build the dynasty, people will be able to take 20 billion US dollars to vote Durant, the rise, so that the average level of the team so a little bit, but let the team have a chance to stay in history.

Warriors, careful planning, full of charm, to their own to the most perfect position. "Golden State's management is too strong, no step wrong," a team chairman said, "I am really jealous ah! I also want to Durant! But it can be said that the timing of the grasp is not Then the key; salary cap up before any time, as long as the lock about the team players, more money can be casually squandered.

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The players who met in New York in 2015 were absolutely unaware of the current situation. After four months, the Warriors got their first championship for 40 years. After 13 months, Durant entered the free market, and he Joining the Warriors is actually the blessing of the salary cap rose.

N B A did not suffer any disaster, although the Nets and the sun is really unlucky. Union for the third consecutive year to break the attendance record, the existence of social media is the strongest in the sports league. "The ratings of the playoffs rose 4% from last season." We received a very positive response from the fans we received, "said Burke Magnus, executive vice president of ESPN programming. Magnus believes that Durant's joining, will only make fans more interested in the Warriors.

According to past experience, the super giants are a good thing for the television audience, but SportsB usinessD aily analyst Austin Cap has provided a data: N BA in the local sports program ratings actually fell by 14%. The first or Jinzhou, There are also 10% landslides. Of course, in this era, the ratings have not completely like the previous fans, after all, we can through other channels and equipment to watch the game. However, last month, Chicago joint training, the general manager of a meeting, Xiao Hua and we discussed to shorten the game, to attract the audience topic. "We are all thinking about one thing," said a attendant manager. "Is it because a new generation of fans only love to see the highlights, so just to shorten the game, or that everyone can easily predict the game before the game results ?

Xiao Hua also admitted that he did not want Durant signed warriors, but this is not a hundred benefits. Those who regard basketball as entertainment, performance of people, more concerned about the degree of the game, the Warriors in this regard Tokgo defeated, and some fans like the tug of war. "I also realized the pros and cons," Xiao said. "These teams have formed a championship lineup under the terms of the league, and they deserve applause that they need to be right and match perfectly, and it is not easy ... but in the original league system, a championship team does not give up There is assets in the case, should not have to eat a superstar space, this kind of thing really unprecedented.

General managers agreed that the league's competitiveness gap may shrink in the next day, but that will continue to grow. A manager in the east says, "either you are starting to rebuild and lose a lot of fans, or you go all out, win one or two rounds, and then hit the two, and then, unless the knights and warriors are injured, will not change."

Injuries are inevitable, young players are also growing gradually, veteran stars will also decline, but the pattern of N B A change is very slow. "When the Lakers ruled the league, or the Celtics, the Bulls a dominant era, in fact, the Union is useful, because they bring a huge number of enthusiastic entertainment market, pay homage to these teams," sports Economist Andrew Jim Baluste analysis, "the rule of these teams, but also in the other team fans grow big hostility it? This may be good for the Union, everyone wants to pull the emperor ... ... But I have to say that the big market team ruling league is good, but other teams must have the opportunity to compete, feng shui must turn up, so as to avoid some of the market can not see hope and quiet.

Warriors will be drained this summer, Durant and Curry have to renew, but Thompson's contract will continue until 2018-2019 season, Green is 2019-2020 season. Bosses and brokers predict that by then the salary cap may stabilize, so if the warriors want to keep the core players, it will face the astronomical luxury tax. In the end, the system will find their own balance, but before the balance, the other team or to catch up.