[NBA News] NBA teams have adopted the way the holiday so that the stars enjoy the health of basketba

In order to maximize the protection of star players, NBA teams have adopted a way to let the fans enjoy the health of basketball, but the Rockets coach Mike - D'Antoni does not agree with this way, according to NBA official website news, Mike - D'Antoni in an interview , Said the league should be on the frequent phenomenon of wheel break to investigate, because doing so will only harm the interests of fans.


In yesterday's game, the Union seems to enter into the holiday, Knight, James, Owen and LeFu collective absence, leading to loss of combat power knight. King, Cousins ​​also choose to holiday, the king lost to the rocket without suspense, the phenomenon of this team holiday, Rockets coach Mike - D'Antoni also have something to say.

"Let these players with holiday, I can not do, you will think of those children, hardships, spent three hours to see some of the game, but they did not play that night, which undoubtedly people.The problem is complicated, and I understand that every coach is trying to make the best plan for winning, he must do something he thinks can help the team, I think the league should pay attention to this phenomenon , Find out the solution. "

Knight against the Grizzlies in a war, due to dissatisfaction James missed, a fan played such a slogan: "I spent four hours to get here, and spent $ 800 watching, I look at LeBron, and He is at home. "

The game, the Big Three's absence also let the strength of the team greatly reduced, so that the game has become no fun, the final Knight lost to the Grizzlies 85-93, creating a season low score, including the starting five tigers together only 36 points , And this season, only the Big Three together to get more than 85 minutes of screening there are three.

Compared with other teams, D'Antoni did not own the stars this season, James - Harden to attend the team before the 26 games, as the Rockets added Gordon and Anderson and several other shooters, beard this season Get more support from his teammates.

In contrast, some of the team's star is carrying a difficult task, the king coach Joerger said Cousins ​​played six games in six days, so he decided to let it rest.

"This season is different, he (Cousins) to bear a huge load, he not only need to get 36 points, but also grabbed 15-16 rebounds, he must do so to help the team, so we have Time to let him go to rest. "Joerger said.