[NBA News] Owen plays the key again

In the Christmas war, Knight eventually 109-108 thrilling defeat the Warriors. Owen 3.4 seconds to vote in the heroic ball, the audience got 25 points 6 rebounds and 10 assists and 7 steals, the performance is very good. James is the contribution of 31 points and 13 rebounds, Christmas World War whenever the home, to remain undefeated. Durant buzzer shot lost lore, the audience got 36 points and 15 rebounds.

欧文准绝杀詹皇31+13阿杜空砍36+15 骑士胜勇士

The field of stars: Owen Carry audience

As Cleveland's "Prince", Owen in the key battle, for the first time to show Carry the extraordinary ability of the audience. The whole game he not only got 25 points, 6 rebounds and 10 assists and 7 steals, but also life and death with 4 points, abruptly help knight staged reversal. 3.5 seconds, which singled out Thompson's back jumper, impressive.

Game trend: Knight hold tight Owen thigh victory

Durant continuous score after the opening, made two free throws in the foul, the Belfast in the long-range Bole. Then the two sides you come to me, the score rose alternately. Green early to receive personal second foul, but also because of the referee to challenge the T, was replaced. Durant breakthrough hit plate hit, West made foul free throw add 2 points, the visiting team to 20-14 lead. James and Carrefour two giants to stop bleeding, Curry made two free throws. Jefferson in the same way for the color, Clark added two points. The first section of the last minute Xiang Porter made two free throws, Thompson hit a record buzzer, the Warriors lead by 27-25.

Warriors star-studded, very smooth running of the offensive end, Thompson's three-pointer into the 40-32 not only the score, but also force the request to suspend the guidance of Lu. But the suspension does not have much effect, Curry bottom line then Baka assists Biao in the third, the Warriors will lead extended to double digits. Knight had just started counterattack at this time, James and Lok Fu continuous free throws to create the opportunity to kill. Halftime before the end of 1 minute 09 seconds, but also succeeded Zhanhuang storm, 50 level, declared the Warriors accumulated double-digit advantage put to rest. Pachulia tipped succeeded, Durant Biao in the long-range, James's raid layup, the two teams set the grid at 52-55, Cleveland 3 points behind.

Zhan Huang battles suddenly came to feel, 3 consecutive record in mind three points, but the Cavaliers still 66-67 continue to lag behind. Green breakthrough pick basket succeeded, James and Thompson two free throws in a row. Thompson in this section feel equally good, for three consecutive hit. Curry fast break in the process of "Shuashuai" self-defeating, back-pass errors missed the opportunity to continue to expand the advantages. James and then one-third in mind, followed by grabbed offensive rebounds to complete the second attack. However, after the game became Durant's solo, his breakthrough dunks again to help the Warriors scored 8 points lead. James last 5.3 seconds staged a thousand miles away to ride, forced Durant made two free throws, the Cavaliers to 80-87 with 7 points behind into the distal.

Durant close after the vote, the Warriors lead by 94-80 14 points. The home side, led by Owen, struggled through the difficult period, he hit the defensive hit the third, 87-95, this time to turn to Cole request to suspend. After the suspension of Owen raid layup, Jefferson made two free throws after Green finished dunks, Irwin outside the third and then, 94-97. The two sides started a tug of war, Jefferson and Thompson in the head to complete the isolation buckle, Green storm succeeded, the Warriors lead four points. James empty cut succeeded, before the end of the game 2 minutes 13 seconds, Owen singled out Durant pick to succeed, 103 level. Adu jumper is not, or Owen easily passed out of the library to pass a back gun, James followed vigorously dunks create green foul, knight successfully go-ahead, Cole had to request a suspension.

James penalty is not in, Green took advantage of the score. Owen raid was Thompson capped, the audience silence Curry hit the key three points. Jefferson outside hit back, Owen steals Andre Iguodala raid layup, 107-108. Warriors defense was an attack 24 seconds, leaving the Cavaliers 13.5 seconds of attack time. Owen one-stop single Thompson, fade back jumper, 109-108, leaving the Warriors 3.5 seconds. Warriors last attack to Durant, but in Jefferson's vicious force staggered fell to the ground, hastily hit, the Warriors lost.

Game tidbits: Green fury eat T

The first section of the game, Green will be due to dissatisfaction with the referee penalty, eat art. But then the slow motion, Green does not seem to foul, no wonder he seemed so angry, so dissatisfied. The game hit the distal, Green and Owen foul, the referee's penalty expressed dissatisfaction, seeing the man's emotions but also out of control, Thompson quickly pushed him forward, this avoid receiving a second T..

Both starting lineup

Knight: Owen, Lijin Si, James, Carrefour, Thompson

Warriors: Curry, Thompson, Durant, Green, Pachulia

Dec 26, 2016